Tuesday, November 29, 2016

FURNOGGIN Hats: A Sure-fire Gift this Holiday!

Whenever I wear these, at least 7 people stop me in an hour or so, and tell me they LOVE my hat. Not gee, nice hat, or I like that - no - it makes people brighten, smile, jump up and down and exclaim... and I tell each and every person, go to ETSY or Google FURNOGGIN - and then I spell it for them, and say it again.  I tell them this fantastic, fun and WARM head conversation piece is only THIRTY THREE dollars. 

It's at times sophisticated and elegant, at others kinda rock and roll, at once bold and yet sweet. You are guaranteed to make friends when you wear it. I have to think that's due in great part to the really lovely bright soul of the person who sells them - Leilani.  The fact that every hat comes with a silver lining is no accident. Just a reflection of the good vibes that come with these and the intention behind them.

They are a perfect fit with my own sense of humor... and yet the reddish one above, which I bought over two years ago, looks as if I'd spent hundreds on it on Bergdorfs.

They are for men, women and I've seen a picture of one on a baby. I don't see those in the Etsy shop, but just write Leilani and see what's possible.

If you have a smaller head like me (which, mind you, is NO representation of the enormous IQ inside), you can fold the brim up and it tightens considerably. Very easy to wash and dry.  All come with adoption papers, and a post card of google eyes that you can set in the brim while you are not wearing the hat... or not! :)

They come very quickly and Leilani is very responsive to orders and queries. I just ordered seven - stock up and give them out for winter birthdays, get a his and her set for an anniversary, get one to take on any trip you're planning to cold weather climes, bring along to wear after skiing as you sip your hot toddy in the bar or a hot tub... give to someone who needs good cheer or is into high fashion... or order just because! 

And don't forget one for YOU!
(or two...)

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