Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Give the Gift of a Book.

Time is growing short. I took a week to go help a family member while in the hospital and was not able to write up my usual several posts a day. If I try to research each of these for a hyperlink, price and description, it will be January.  SO, I am going to try something new. I took pictures of several books to recommend, and I may just take a stab at posting them here for you to look up yourself. A kind of visual window browse - it's so easy to google them for yourself and get them nearly overnight through Amazon or Barnes and Noble - if you don't find them at your local mom and pop stores, which I highly recommend supporting!

Here we go! One of a few to come in rapid succession.

Bought this in London, now it's suddenly a movie. Intriguing and good!

Ordered this for myself, just began to dig into it. For all who love Paris or dream of running away to there. A kind of Eat, Pray Love, French style.

For an easy yet smart read, or for the die-hard Sue Grafton fan , the latest in the famous Alphabet Series:

In keeping with popular reads, here's the latest from Dan Brown, who wrote the famous Da Vinci Code, also made into a movie, then made into a series of books (and movies) - which is why Tom
Hanks is on the cover, in case you have been asleep for the last decade or so, ha.

And for a similar kind of reader, another all round people pleaser by former lawyer John Grisham- easy to read, proven.

Since politics dominated 2016, maybe a new Kennedy Bio? This for one we don't hear about often, Kick Kennedy, described as the favorite Kennedy daughter.

A must have for any Bruce lover, but certainly a welcome gift for purists and music lovers in general.

Any fan of the PBS costume drama that took American by storm would delight to receive this. Pull up the fainting couch and unwrap!

A fun and light frolic as the title describes, good for someone age 1 to 100.

This is a great book - helps anyone on the verge of change think out the next 5 years. Whether someone is retiring, going off to school, moving, divorcing, changing their career, staring down middle age, or is at any cross road like that in life would really benefit. Simple, easy, but effective. Go for it!

A very cool book for your artist, illustrations, doodler or appreciator of the topic.

More suggestions to come! Subscribe or bookmark and check back tomorrow!
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