Thursday, December 22, 2016

Give the Gift of Books, Part 3!

A last few suggestions for books - though I could suggest endlessly. Go run to your local mom and pop to give them the business they need - or,  Barnes and Noble has 25% off coupons going now for buying this in store- or get it on Amazon and sent to you over night! Whatever works, there is still time!

Very much answering the new call to downsize, or quit life as we know it and follow your bliss, Home Sweet Anywhere   Reunited after 35 years, this couple sold everything and " with just two suitcases, two computers, and each other, the Martins embark on a global adventure, taking readers..." with them. Who would not be intrigued or inspired for the New Year by this one!

Seven Letters From Paris is a wonderful romp for the romantics on your list. With Paris as a favorite place to read about, this memoir covers a woman at age 40 who loses her job, is in debt and feeling stuck - until she discovers seven letters sent by an old French lover - and decided to fly off to Paris to reconnect with him.

Oprah Magazine said of The Light Between Oceans:  “irresistible…seductive…with a high concept plot that keeps you riveted from the first page.” We see lighthouses that are isolated and wonder as to the lives of the people who live to care for them. Here is a book that was on the bestseller list for a very long time, soon to be made into a motion pic - about a light house keeper in Australia, and the young wife he brings out, who, unable to successfully bear children, finds an infant a boat that is washed ashore.

A truly unique gift for your traveler, whether literally or from an armchair - or one who is dreaming of it. For your artist or journal, or one who loves reading letters and journal entires. This is a great inspiration. Many of us would love to travel and sketch and note our impressions - this is an inspiration for doing that, or just enjoying what others have done.  FIND IT HERE.

Great for Mom or Grandma:
This is one of a great "cozy Mystery" series by Edith Maxwell. So unique in that the main character is a Quaker midwife, who lives in upstate MA, during the late 1800's. There are several in the series, and they are good, solid, wonderful reads. Find on AMAZON here:


Or try her other mystery series starting with Farmed and Dangerous, set on a small contemporary farm, which besides having an engaging plot, has some organic farming tips and recipes scattered throughout! Wonderful fireside reading.

Great for Dad or Grandpa: Never Go Back is the most recent of the thriller series that had been made into movie after movie starring Tom Cruise. Newsweek said: “A novel of action-charged suspense starring one of the best thriller characters at work today.” You know it's going to be good.

The Troubles is the second in what is planned to be a trilogy from Connie Hambley.  I suggest the second because it's a great read for your horse lover, or those interested in the bridge between and Irish heritage and Massachusetts.

The first, called The Charity, is the story of a young woman's journey into the heart of the IRA. Amazon describes it as: The history and the people of the Irish Republican Army and the strong Irish roots of Boston are used to weave a story that is as compelling as it is timely. The Charity is a crisply crafted thriller.

Beach Plum Island by From Holly Robinson is so intriguing! Here is how B&N describes it: 

“Your brother should know the truth.”
These are the last cryptic words that Ava Barrett’s father says before he dies. But Ava doesn’t have a brother, as far as she knows, so how can she tell him the truth? She dismisses the conversation and dedicates herself to bringing her family together for her father’s funeral. This is no easy task, since her sister, Elaine, has been estranged from the family and still harbors resentment against their stepmother and half-sister, Gigi. Ava, on the other hand, is a single mother who sees Gigi as a troubled teen in need of love and connection. Ava, too, could use more love in her life and finds it where she least expects it. But the biggest surprise of all is that Gigi holds the key to the mystery surrounding her father’s dying words, and joins Ava in uncovering a secret that rapidly unravels the very fabric of their entire family…

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