Friday, March 17, 2017

This Spring - Try Garden Genie Digging Gloves

While we're still getting a dusting of snow and temps are frigid hopes of Spring springs eternal - and gardening is on folks mind.  These look like something that could come in handy... nyuk yuk. But it's true! In fact,  I just ordered myself a pair.

DIG THIS: One hand (the right) has built in claws to make it easy to dig and not need tools to break up a root ball, spread mulch, create seed rows and the like.

Made of resin Garden Genie gloves claim to be puncture resistant and  waterproof, which many gardening gloves are not. They easily rinse clean while your hands stay clean and protected.

Here's the Garden Genie Website. Right now they have a two for deal for $10 though you pay for separate shipping on the second pair - which may not be much of a deal. At the time of this publication, none of their order now buttons worked, which ain't great for business... But you can at least see a video of them in action on that page and order them elsewhere if needed.

GOOGLE for the best price - because prices on this item vary widely. You don't normally see that, which makes me scratch my head. Either someone robbed a truck, or someone is making these up to almost double -or there are imitators out there. I've seen them for everything from $3.95-14.00 for a solo pair. They are easily found on Amazon, Walmart and Ebay to name a few. If you don't want to gamble, you should be safe ordering ones that in the As Seen on TV packaging to be sure it's the genuine article... Hopefully the website will repair their links and you can buy directly from them.

TIP: If its online at a chain store like Walmart, don't assume it is also in the brick and mortar store.  Best to call first to see if your local store actually stocks a speciality item like this - and better yet, ask them to hold your pair, if you are driving there to get them - even if you need to give them a credit card for it. You don't want to make a trip only to find they have no idea where that one pair in stock went, or find it sold. 

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