Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wake Up to This Gift Idea: The Reggie Alarm

There are many people who have a hard time waking up - and you know who you are. You set one alarm next to the bed, then one across the room in your college days to get you up... and it often failed. Or do you set your phone for two different times, and press the snooze countless times on both?

This innovation should do the trick - An alarm is set into a small soft rug that you place right where your feet would land when getting out of bed... And when it goes off in the morning, it won't shut down until your feet have been standing on the mat for 30 seconds.

And bonus: you can program it to say something positive or an affirmation to boot. Not a bad thing!

It is apparently very effective, and you can even upload your favorite music to greet  your day.

You can find this at Reggie's website, as well as Amazon and other outlets.  And it costs: $99.00

I know, it's double what you hoped, but for those who really need it, it's a bargain!

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