Tuesday, September 28, 2010

“We all have been given a gift of one kind or another; it is important to realize and utilize those gifts for the benefit of mankind.”
— Kelly Meyer, activist

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ZooBorns! Now A Gift to Give

It's been a while since I've posted on what around this time of year morphs into my gift blog. Today I found something worthy of the kick off entry, as it really can be given not just at holiday time, but year round and is good for babies, kids or adults, male or female. Those are good gifts!

I sat and chatted for a bit with marketing master and science whiz Andrew Bleiman and portrait painter (fall-off-your-chair talented) and photographer Chris Eastland, the creators behind Zooborns.com.

If you've never gone to this website, YOU NEED TO, immediately (well, as soon as you finish reading this of course). There you'll find a daily dose of pictures, videos and news of baby animals born in zoos all over the world. It's a great way to show the good work is being done in zoos and conservation, but it's also just a good squee.

Simon and Schuster made the smart decision to publish their material; as a result Zooborns have have two new books coming out. Zoo Borns!, a book for kids age 2 and up, on sale starting October 19th, and ZooBorns, a picture book with animal facts, available November 2. You can pre-order them now, right here on Zooborns, com thru Amazon. I'm sure if calendars, stationery, notebooks, and day planners with that same theme (not to mention, a magazine) were to follow, they too would have great success.

10% of the sale profits go to the AZA's Conservation Endowment Fund, which makes a good thing better.

As we well know, just about everyone swoons over baby animals. Look for the books --At $12.99 each (even less at Amazon.com, both under $10 as of today), they are perfectly recession-priced for all those kiddie birthday parties your child is invited to, for your Godkids, nieces and nephews, for holiday gifts, baby showers or sweet 16... somebody stop me! It will cheer a friend in the hospital or anyone you know who's blue; it could be a hostess gift or be an original way to say thank you, or just make any average day that much brighter...

I'll be stocking up on a few to keep in my gift closet. How about you? Pass the word on, this is a good one.

Photo credit: Zooborns.com