Monday, November 29, 2010

Lennon Lovers Will Love LENNONNYC

PBS featured this documentary about John Lennon's life and work and it was truly fabulous.
I saw it just last week... and then there it was in Boarders. I snapped up several copies as they were going for only $17 plus 10% off, though it's not supposed to be released until December 7. However, Amazon is offering it for $12.99!
It's available in Blu-ray too but it's black and white so I'm not sure why you'd go there... but for the Beatle fan or quality music lover, historian or artist in your life, this is a story of true quality about the life of one truly amazing human being.

BUY TODAY - FLIP CAM for less than half price!!!

It's Cyber Monday and this may not last. If you've been wanting to get a Flip cam for yourself or someone for this holiday, this is the best price I've seen.
The Flip MinoHD has 1 hour's worth of video and 4GB of built-in memory. Comes with Flipshare software... easy to shoot, easy to plug in to your USB port and upload your vids to Facebook, YouTube and MySpace. 1 1/2" color LCD screen, 2X zoom (Flip cams still aren't great on zoom).

Visit AVON (of all places) to get it. But hurry, it's all about while supplies last. Don't know if it's offered past today.
TIP: If you plug in FREE2010 you shuold get free shipping, which I believe is only good for one use, so if you're in the market for other AVON products, you may want to pile them all in to the basket. BUT --I noticed that I already got free shipping since I can spare the 4-7 buisiness days. The coupon code automatically appeared in the SAVE field when I was checking out. I removed it so I could use that code on another purchase closer to Christmas if I needed to.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bridge the Distance

This is a great idea if you live apart from your grand kids, nieces/nephews or that special child in your life. Hallmark has come up with a way that you can read them a story anytime they like with their recordable books.

Just begin recording, and read through every page (adding kids names when you can or I love you's are highly encouraged by me !). Then, when you have it juuuust right, lock in the recording with the flip of a switch and it lasts -- even through battery changes. LOVE IT!

There's a choice of 15 books -- some holiday themed. Prices are between $25-35, and you can get Hallmark Gold Crown points as you go. Or, Google Hallmark recordable books and see if you can find other price points.

Stay close to someone who might be a little further than you'd wish with this great gift.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Mysterious Read

If you're a lover of literature, chances are you've heard all about this in the last few months:
100 years after his death, Mark Twain's autobiography has been released, the first of three, count em' three, tomes.
He wanted it that way. Lord knows what juiciness is within, that he wanted it to be held for a century, to be sure that no one who would be related too closely to anyone in it, himself included, was around? To reveal secret love affairs, vices, or flights of fancy? Or was it just that the man knew how to market himself?
Bound to be just the right gift for one of those people who have everything on your list. TIP: Run out and buy today or tomorrow to get a first edition -- makes it all that more a treasure.
$34.00 but find it at for $16.