Thursday, July 27, 2017

The New Englander Rain Jacket is for Every One.

We've had so much rain in what is already a short summer season, here's a way to cheer up. I found these beautifully made, high quality rain coats in the most incredible colors - you'll do your own rain happy dance to be able to wear it more.

They are made by New Englander, and here are a few places you can find it: Charles River Apparel for $55 or at All Seasons Uniforms for $41.00, and from $31-60 on Amazon.  I got mine while in Kennebunkport. Took me all of four minutes to spot in the window, sail inside, try it on, and give them my credit card!

One thing I really like is how high up the zipper goes (covers my upper lip but leaves me room to breath. Combined with a hood that can be scrunched and secured by toggles to fit rather than flop, it does provide serious protection should you need it in our famous New England Nor'Easters.

But if you live in CA, of FL, or TX the colors alone may entice you! But it can be used while gardening, during whether events or just for warmth on chilly fall evenings.

Also for $55, you can get Mens HERE, though they come in there traditional yellow and navy (a;best with classy contrast color combos at zipper and inside) . Boo. Men should have periwinkle and turquoise too!   If your guy runs hot, you can get a lighter windbreaker in lots of these great colors, which he can roll up to almost nothing. Totally different construction than the jacket I am recommending here - but if you're after quality and color for him, it's just a place to start!

While you're at it, get yourself some rubber boot liners of the same great colors. Spread the cheer! At Charles River for $23!