Monday, August 27, 2012

Tiny Bow Ties for Your Cat (or pup)

I think what makes this suggestion fabulous is that I FOUND IT ON PEE WEE HERMAN's Facebook page. He himself (or whomever keeps his page) posted it. I had to CLICK THIS LINK to the Etsy shop.

There are plenty of Bow Ties, hence Pee Wee's interest. The one below is about $10.

Only $12 for this leopard number.

There are many to choose from so check it out and shop. Here is their story:
Tiny Ties are fashion forward neck-wear for the most discerning and dapper feline. May also be used on small dogs who are very confident in their canine-ness.

Handmade of the finest fabric, these ties are timeless classics that will enhance the look of any cat's wardrobe whether he/she is a young go-getter who is always on the prowl, or a retired cat enjoying leisure time. 

All Proceeds from Tiny's Ties go to Tiny's Weight Loss Challenge Medical Fund for Special Needs Animals at the Fredericton SPCA. Tiny is paying if forward to animals in need who haven't gained the media attention that Tiny has!

Tiny Ties are made from cotton with ribbon. Ties can be worn with the ribbon or attached to any regular collar.

*Please note that these ties are handmade and therefore each is unique. The tie you receive will not look identical to the tie pictured in this listing. The ribbon colour may vary as will the pattern on the tie depending on what part of the fabric the material for your tie was cut from*

*Please note that for safety's sake, ties should only be worn inside and under supervision.*

All proceeds from the sale of Tiny Ties go to Tiny's Weight Loss Challenge Medical Fund for Special Needs Animals at the Fredericton SPCA.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Gift for your Home is a Gift to Yourself

You don't need to do a whole kitchen make over to the new stainless steel craze when you can paint it! Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel can be used on appliances, faucets and countertops. The water-based resin is stainless steel in liquid form, and it provides a brushed-stainless look that is as durable as an automotive-grade finish

Their site shows a great little tutorial video too so you can see what you're getting into. And you can check out the testimonials from people who've used it too. 

Here are some customer before and after photos (click the hyper link to see them bigger):

There are kits for the fridge (69.95), the range/dishwasher (24.95), and even a spray can (3.95) for small things like vases and toasters which you can find HERE.  A pint of base coat is $28, about $26 for a high gloss top coat. 

VERY COOL SOLUTION! If you try it out, let me know!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LEGO My Heart!

Or should that be my NECK?

Announcing the Lego Vampyre Castle - It is, in a word, AWESOME. The pic on their site oddly does not do it justice, even when you roll the cursor over the pic to get a close up look, so I am stealing the pic my friend Arielle took of hers at her house to show you. The figurines that come with it are quite fang-tastic too. All for $99.

Photo credit: Arielle Fragassi

That hyper link also shows all kinds of things you can add, like a Hearse or a group of ZOMBIES!

On September 1 keep your eye out for the Lego Haunted House.... It may be a Lego store exclusive. At the bottom left of that link there's a box where you can type in your town or zip code to find a Lego store near you. 

TIP: It's never too early to begin buying for the holidays - or birthdays - but this could be a perfect activity (or simply as decor) for Halloween festivities at school or home!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

For the Lover of the Outdoors

I love Life Is Good - their products, and their message. Why NOT affirm all that is good, happy, right and beautiful with the world (and not in a sappy way)? In a way you feel comfortable putting that message out... in soothing hues and oh-so-soft high quality cottons...

Saw this graphic on a tee shirt and had to bring it to your attention: Think it's a Mens but they have smalls and mediums if you're looking for that. Click the link to see and buy - only $26.00. Their sweats are the best quality - and all their stuff lasts for years. Destined to be those kinds that you wear for decades and can never let go for the garage sale or Goodwill... Life is indeed good when you're wearing their stuff.

TIP: Addicted to the Olympics this year? Check out their Life is Good tees HERE