Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A thought provoking quote from Oprah's quote of the day: (yes, I get that)

There are two ways of meeting difficulties; you alter the difficulties, or you alter yourself to meet them.
—Phyllis Bottom

Very curious as to what this brings up for you...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Favorite Poem

By Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the sweet earth's flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

This is the first poem I've ever memorized, (beside a few of my own). If I try to read it aloud (and I invite you to), the images painted by the words are so beautiful I can't get through it without getting choked up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

FINALLY!!! Stocking Stuffers (in three parts)

Aaaah, Stockings! My favorite thing. And YES I think grown ups should still get stockings, the bigger the better, and stuffed to the brim. Hopefully the ideas below can be helpful for the 8 days of Hannukah and the gifts given each night too. Depends on your traditions.

It doesn't have to cost a lot, and it can be the thing you do first thing Christmas morning, since technically Santa would have needed to get there to fill them. But appreciation for all those goodies can tend to get lost when there are all those other boxes to unwrap. If that's your scenario, I think they're best opened when the spirit is high but you have a little quite time to enjoy each little item, like Christmas Eve, when people are itchy to open something. I could easily give up gifts altogether, but not the sock!!! It has great potential to sustain the magic of Christmases past and present.

My mother saved all the little scraps of wrapping paper from bigger gifts and used those to wrap each individual thing in our stocking. You may not be up for that, but it's worth it for the recipient, as each item coming out has added mystery. I'm just sayin'...

I try to personalize a few items to each person, but then there are categories that are good for everyone: some kind of toys and candies -- mandatory! Other categories: -- office supply stuff, beauty and grooming, health/vitamins, hobbies. Go to a store that carries any of these things -- a hardware store, an game shop, a stationery store, a 5 and dime, a drug store -- look for small items, and see what you find. The hunt is so much fun. And wear a Santa hat, because you'll have plenty of ideas in no time. TIP: Look near the cashier, as the things positioned there to tempt "impluse buys" are often perfect for a stocking.

Some delightful toys mentioned below can be found at most ToysRUS or local drugstore but they are also offered at Restoration Hardware.com or CLICK HERE TIP: Let your fingers do the walking first if you are short on time. Call ahead to the store, even ask them to hold it for you if you'll be coming that day.

Tiny Matchbox Music Box: Tiny figurines and scenes are animated. $15 ON SALE FOR $10.49 at Restoration Hardware, all on sale. For their full list of stocking stuffers, CLICK HERE

Magic Eight Ball: Hey, it's as good as any source for predictions in these times! $12 ON SALE for $9

Wooly Willy: You must remember this fun use of magnetization... $7 for stocking size board.

Rubics Cube $14.99 ON SALE for $9.49
$8 (ouch!) ON SALE for $5.49
ON SALE for $5.99
Voice Changer Comes with little clip on mic and speaker the size of a cell phone, you can sound like 9 different voice disguising effects. Needs battery $12 ON SALE FOR $7.99

Also look for snow globes and tiny wind up novelties.

Silly Putty -Still found at most drugstores and certainly at ToysRUS or novelty stores.

Keychains with games -- I've seen these all over, a keychian or pen that at the end has plastic Soduku, or the old game like Operation, etc... It's just for the fun of opening, not necessarily practical.

Celestial Seasonings Teas:
This company makes wonderful teas in bags for the season, with names like Candy Cane Lane, gingerbread spice, Nutcracker Sweet it's a great stocking stuffer. Make a bigger gift of it by packing it in a box with a mug and some honey. They make a nice, mild green tea and my ultimate favorite is their almond tea. They even have African and Rooibos tea. Should be able to be found in any grocery store for under $4 for 20 bags. Just in case --the link CLICK HERE

Flavored Cocoa: Grocery stores can carry individual packets of fancy flavors perfect for a stocking in the coffee/tea aisle.

GOT A HEALTH NUT? How about granola bars? A bag of tamari roasted almonds? Packets of flavored Emergen-C (found at most vitamin shops and helathy grocery stores)? Ginger candies? A small jar of exotic honey or cashew butter? There may be single service protein shake packs for the body builder. And Paul Newman's Own makes a ling of organic chocolate bars and carob treats.
Champagne stopper-THE BEST -- You can seal a newly opened bottle and open it two weeks later as if it were the first time. No more wast of expensive bubbly! Take this picture to your local fancy housewares or liquor store to find or buy at Amazon for New Years too... CLICK HERE

Chip clips - can find at Bed Bath and Beyond, but most houseware and grocery stores.

More to come! CLICK HERE for Part Two and HERE for Part Three. They only get better!!!

Stocking Stuff, Part 2

HEALTH/BEAUTY/GROOMING: These can be fanciful items or totally practical: A new toothbrush, or replacement heads if they have an electric brush like Braun. Contact lens fluid, mulit-vitamins, nail polish I think Essie is the best, hands down), lip liner or gloss, razor replacement heads or a new pack of disposables, aftershave, small travel sized hand lotions. Eyeglass cleaner or shamy. Fizzy Bath balls or bubble bath (drugstores have inexpensive little gift packets which you can also pull apart to stuff a few stockings from). The list goes on and ON!

Magnifying Card -- like credit card, some with little lights that come on when you press, Fits in wallet. At Walgreens, CVS, etc.. "Seen on TV"

Floss - I recommend Glide, the best kind that I've never know to stick or shred, no matter your dental work.

Blistex - Best mentholated chapstick in my book. Not waxy and sinks in to lip to heal instead of sliding right off your lips after a 3 sentence conversation like Get the tube with the slanted applicator. Or go for -- like refreshing cool water, in a bunch of flavors.

Soap on a Rope -- if you can find them, men like them. I've seen them in fancier places that carry men's cosmetics and shaving stuff for $9 (outrageous!) but you might find them cheaper.

Shaving Cream replacement-- If your guy used a cake of shaving cream and a brush to lather up, he can always use more. I get my husband one every year just as he's running out of last years. I go with almond scented by Caswell Massey.

Plastic Travel cases -- If they travel they can never have enough of those little pill bottles, toothbrush caps, shampoo holders to fill with just enough of their favorite products to go.

Glasses Case-- Many colorful and classy styles and prices. It's the right shape for a stocking neck too!

Whatever penny candies were popular during their childhood will be the best, but there are fun seasonal items everywhere. Put a candy cane in for looks if nothing more, but if peppermint isn't their thing, there are plenty of new flavors usually available at your grocery store, if not Walmart or Target.

Caramel Nips - Hard candies with a surprise inside. At most markets and drugstores for .99-$1.49 Chocolait Parfait and Peanut Butter rock!

Individually wrapped Cookies: Mrs. Fields cookies and some Deluxe Oreos now come in single wrapped pacakges. You can find them at CVS/Walgreens in the food or candy aisle, or find boxes of 8 individually wrapped in the cookie aisle at the grocery store. These are great for the whole family.

Seasonal Treats --Reeces, M&M's and Hershey come out with the cutest stocking stuff every year. Candy canes filled with mini peantut butter cups, Little round M'M guys with arms and leggs filled with colored M&M's, etc... and there are plenty of marhsmellow and chocolate foli covered santas to stick in the toe of the stocking.
Lumps of coal -- A must for giggles -- in a palm sized burlap drawstring bag (for the fun of it...) If you have a Whole Foods or Boarders Bookstore nearby, they sell candy coal. Palmer makes some.

GODIVA -- for the most sophisticated person on your stocking stuffing
list, Godiva has all kinds of elegant little packages with dark or milk covered nuts and fruits (rasberry adn cherries this year). They also have little "pearls" in a tin for purse or briefcase in flavors like Chocolate mint and Caffe Latte. CLICK HERE for full selection and then go to your local store in the mall to pick up.

THERE'S MORE!! CLICK HERE for Part Three and HERE if you missed Part One of Stocking Stuffers.

Stocking Stuff, part 3

A New Sharpie -- who can't use one of those? Come in all sizes now. Try the one without a cap (since leaving off the cap dries it out instantly, they've invented a click pen, like a ballpoint)

How About --White out, post it notes, highlighter pens (especially one with the post-it tabs included), replacement box of staples, colorful pushpins for the teen/college kid, new sharp sicssors (always need a spare), little tissue packs they sell with colors or designs, pretty package of cocktail napkins, post it notes with funny sayings, a box of plain white, double-thick privacy envelopes which we always need, mini -note pads for purse, a small box of thank you cards. Again, the ideas are endless at these stores.

Stamps -- get an unusual picture... or not. Can get any number you want at the post office teller, but a book holds 20.

Energy Saver Light bulbs -- You know, the ones that look like Dairy Queen swirls? At the grocery or hardware store, they can save the recipient lots of money, help the environment, and they'll cost you about $5. Stick a note on it saying "Put me in your most used lamp!"

Single disposable Fountain pens - these aren't the fancy, refillable ones but Pilot makes ones called Varsity in blue, black or violet inks. Should be at any fancy stationery store but also have found them in Boarders, Staples and Office Depot.

Bridge Players -- they use double decks (matching sets) of cards and can always use another

Bird Lovers -- the little bells or lard covered squares can stuff if the sticking is wide enough. Goolge a recipe and make yourself out of suet and seed. photo credit: Yardlovers.com

For the Crafter --Paint brushes, plasitc mixing cup, scrapbooking stickers, colored inks and stamps, fine glitter (comes in amazing colors nowadays), little glues,

Knitters-- how about a unique color or texture ball of yarn, a new pattern to follow (just try to chose one for their skill level)... or crochet needles to help them try something new? Photo credit: textileviews.blogspot.com

Golfers - Can always use new balls or tees, etc... but they may be particular about the type. Sneak into their golf vase to look if you can.

There are too many to name but there is something little to stuff for everyone from the fly fisher to the yogini.

HARDWARE SUPPLIES:Screws, nails, drill heads, sandpaper in varying thicknesses, electrical tape, batteries (always a great staple for any stocking!!!), night light, LED light for keychain.

An Ornament -- Home made is always a great idea for this one but if you're out of time, find many at Pier One, Target, Macy's, Etc...

GIFT CARDS: I'm sugesting small things for these, as larger gift card amounts qualify for a regular gift, not just a stocking stuffer. Like a card fromt he local theater for a free movie or just for popcorn or a Starbucks card for your family addict. McDonalds had offered dollar gift certificates and maybe they still do (ask Subway for a healthier choice). Home Depot is a great one too. Ask anywhere -- art suppply store, hardware, stationery store --especially in these times, almost any venue will make something up for you if they don't have it already.

THERE'S MORE: CLICK HERE if you missed Part One and HERE if you missed Part Two of this series. 

I could go on for days but hopefully these ideas got you thinking. Please leave me a comment if you need help for someone hard to buy for and I will reply there too, or you can give me your e-mail and I'll get back to you.

Happy Holidays to ALL!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Suggestions for the Spiritual or Religious

Hardly a comprehensive list, here are just a few mentions:

The Priests -- A wonderful CD, many songs in latin. Like the three tenors with more of the haunting calm of gregorian chants. This was playing in a really hip housewares store in
Houston and I ran out and bought it for myself and a few people I know, none of whom are religious. You can listen at iTunes or on your next trip to your local CD store. If not, I've seen it in both Barnes and Noble and

Shelia Chandra -- Roots and Wings: Ethereal, wonderful, echoing songs. Shelia uses her voice like an instrument. Good for the yogini too. Indian Western synth pop is their description, but it doesn't do justice to the haunting beauty of these atmospheric songs.

A Jewish Oddessy --A compilation of music put together by the international folks at Puto Mayo. CLICK HERE

JEWELRY, etc..
James Avery.com has a really clean, classy selection of high quality jewlery -- pendants, rings, bracelets, wall crosses. While it's Christian for the most part, there are some items that
feature hebrew lettering.

Heavenly Treasures.com -- Another place that offers lovely things - hearts, peace, animal themed as well. One friend ordered a prayer box necklace (see picture). It's a little box that you can wear around your neck that opens like a locket. She puts a prayer in there and wears it. She changes it depending on what she's facing in life.

I have recomended this site before -- www.Satyajewelry .com. High quality for very reasonable prices, with stones and symbols like OM, Lotus, Ganesh, etc... that have spiritual properties. Pictured is a very pretty Star of David necklace in brushed gold. CLICK HERE for my past post with details.

Onewolrdbooksandtreasures.com -- unique, select gifts for those who don't subscribe to one faith or who promote interfaith. On home page, the column to left lists many categories, and they have books and CD's too CLICK HERE

A Mezuzah for the door frame is a nice gift if someone Jewish has moved into a new home or apartment. There are a mind boggling array of designs to be found in a religious store near you or on the internet.

The Seekers Guide by Elizabeth Lesser. I heard this was out of print (though seems new copies can be found through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or through their used booksellers links). A FABULOUS book for people who are looking to find some kind of spirituality, if not religion. The founder of the esteemed Omega Institute in upstate New York, Lesser reads like letters from an old friend, writing with ease and clarity about things that are usually hard to put into words. Covers all kinds of practices and paths. CLICK HERE

Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith -- this is my teacher, who also appeared in The Secret, among many roles, the founder of Agape International in LA. He also has several CD's out of his entertaining, energetic "sermons". I recommend also a CD on Life Visioning, where he walks you through the process. CLICK HERE for that.

Or, CLICK HERE for an abundance of his work, as well as lots of New Thought and Metaphysical reading -- good for anyone seeking, those who are Unitarian Universalists, Unity, Religious Science, and the like.
The Life Recovery Bible -- The bible as a blueprint for the recovery process. Maybe something to puruse if you have someone on your list who is struggling to overcome (I also love You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, in book form, with CD's of sessions with Louise herself, or the new DVD she has made about the Principles).

The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary -- One of the basic books of Charles FIllmore's thinking (founder of Unity) on what names, events and symbols from the bible mean in a metaphysical sense.

How about a beautiful gift edition of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

The Gift by Hafiz, and Essential Rumi by Jalal al-Din Rumitwo incredible sufi poets, whose writings are so clear and relevant to today. You can also sign your loved one up to receive daily quotes from Rumi via e-mail.

Illuminata by Marianne Williamson -- An older book, but, a classic I think. A lovely collection of non-denominational prayers for every person and occasion.

The Greatest Words Ever Spoken --Steve K. Scott. New in hardcover this takes all the statements of Christ and categorizes them so your loved one can easily refer to what Jesus said about
many topics.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz -- if they don't already have this, it's a good, short, easy book to give to anyone. Described as "A practical guide to personal freedom" from self-limiting beliefs, this has been read by many and it's principles, if applied make for a more joyous life.

Simple Abundance -- A book that cultivated gratitude in the heart, 365 days of the year. If they already have it, try to companion Journal of Gratitude-- both by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Chop Wood, Carry Water by Rick Fields A zen-like classic, a guide to finding spiritual fulfillment in daily life. Also may like EveryDay Sacred, a woman's journey home by Sue Bender. CLICK HERE

Look for anything by --Mother Theresa, Pope Paul, Ghandi, Jimmy Carter, Pema Chodrin.

The Shack by William P. Young A recent bestseller about a man's journey to a shack after the death of a son and his reconciliation with a god he'd been angry with. CLICK HERE to get a better description!

Christ the Lord series by Anne Rice The author of the famous Vampire Chronicles was called back to her Catholic faith and felt called to write her idea of Jesus's life in his childhood and adolescent years that we hear so little about. A radical departure from her former subject matter, a good read for anyone, regardless of beliefs. CLICK HERE for more info

Charlton Heston Presents The Bible-- What better voice to hear speak these words? A&E did a documentary of this which you can google to find but also you can CLICK HERE. There is a companion book.

TIP: There's also DVD's/VHS's of the bible read aloud while the words (in extra large type) are projected on the screen. Just have to google a little to find them.

Meditation CD's by Jon Kabat-Zinn -- the creator of Mindlfullness Meditation, these tapes are GREAT for non-meditators, but those would benefit, especially for medical reasons. Series ONE (pictured) starts with two 10 minute guided meditations, one sitting and one lying down, progress to two 20 minute of the same, and then several themed hour meditations. Great for the experienced meditator too. CLICK HERE

As I mentioned, this list could go on to infinity. Just put some things here for anyone who is looking for a place to start. I'd love any and all suggestions in the comments re: any and all faiths, the simply spiritual and the still seeking...

Keep Scrolling down for many varied gift ideas going back to Thanksgiving! And keep an eye out for shopping tips highlighted in violet ink!

all photos respectfully borrowed from recommended wesbistes

AFFORDABLE Last Minute Ideas

There's a great little catalogue called Lillian Vernon. In it they have a zillion, inexpensive gift ideas. Here are just a few of my faves:

Skate Bag - Ice or inline. $19.98 or TWO FOR $29.96

There are many choices of kids rolling back packs, luggage, tote bags, sleeping bags, robes, towels, baseball displays and toys so look online at www.lillianvernon.com

Heated Ice Scraper: For windshields, plug into 12V lighter and see ice melt like magic. I haven't tried this but I have scratched my own windshield digging my car out when I lived in CHicago in the mornings. THis sounds like a great idea. $12.98 or GET TWO FOR $19.96 CLICK HERE

Back Seat Entertainment Organizer -- For moms who need room for DVD's toys, baby wipes, kleenex, snacks, this clips onto the headrest of the front seats. $12.98 

Also - Folding Trunk Organzier $14.98

OR go for a 2 section interior organizer for the trunk with 3 mesh pockets and 3 CD pockets outside.  $12.98 CLICK HERE  

Battery Rack and Tester -- I have this and it's brilliant. Store all size batteries in one place (can hang on wall) and check to see if the batteries are working in the same unit.  $16.95 CLICK HERE

Heated Blanket -- good for car or boat! FLeece with 8 ft 12V adapter plugs into lighter. $29.98 CLICK HERE

Retractable dog leash with flashlight!  $16.98 CLICK HERE

Stair Basket  This is a great thing for folks who live in 2 story housesand are constantly needing to take things up and down the stairs. Put the basket on the steps, let it fill all day with what needs to go up (or down) and do it all in one trip. $29.98 CLICK HERE

Wrought-iron Cookbook Stand -- if not this model, there are some lucite ones and wooden ones to be found at other houseware stores if you shop around. Great to keep cookbooks clean while the chef gets messy, and to hold the recipe up and easy to see. Preserves counter space as well.$19.98 CLICK HERE

Rattan Organizer Caddy in a nice deep brown or dark red leather $42.98 CLICK HERE

Monday, December 15, 2008

From Pottery Barn

How can they not like this lovely, silver banded clear glass vase, or two or all three? ON SALE $19-34 CLICK HERE

Pottery Barn is a great place to walk around during the holidays. With their many departments, there are ideas galore. And they carry a diverse selection of ornaments and wrapping papers. Much is on sale, and items get added each week.

Aged looking mercury bowls are elegant all year round, but add something festive to your decor at this time of year. There are several kinds of candle holders, vases, candy dishes if you CLICK HERE, most are on sale. I ordered the low bowl pictured at left. The one of the far left is big enough to hold a bottle of champagne. Spruces up the table or bathroom counter on New Years too!

Faux Fur throws
are all the rage and they feel softer than anything real. Beautifies any ratty old couch or chair. Can be found all over for a variety of prices (check your local Marshalls, Kohls, Loehman's etc..) ON SALE now at Pottery Barn for $99 from 149 CLICK HERE

And while we're on animals -- Pottery Barn also carries tasteful animal print towel sets. I have seen them in other stores over
this year, but they can be hard to find. Comes in Zebra (pictured),
giraffe, and leopard. It can be nice to even buy the hand towels to
jazz up your solids. $9-$29 for washcloth, had towle, bath towel.

all photos respectfully borrowed from Pottery Barn

Please, scroll down for more gift ideas and look for the tips in the purple lettering.

Just Right for the Blogger in Your Life (or the Anti-Blogger)

A year's worth of Journals --

In one neat, read box, a volume for each month. Faux leather (in 2 textures) mixing the months in six colored little books, with 50 lined pages each and the month's name embossed on the spines in silver. Each book is 5.5 x 7" $99 Now ON SALE FOR $69!!! at Pottery Barn (can order til Dec 19th for Delivery before Christmas/Hannukah. www.potterybarn.com or CLICK HERE

(in case you are wondering, those littler boxes to the right are pencil cases, which are also for purchase in the link I provided).

TIP: All stores seem to be having outrageous sales. At this time of year, that's unheard of, thank you recession. To save even more, before you order online or from a catalogue, o Google the store you are ordering for with the word "coupon" after it, to find all kinds of discount or free shipping codes on top of the current savings!!

Please scroll down for a plethora of ideas.

photo respectfully borrowed from Pottery Barn

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PJ's on the Inside, Jeans on the Outside

THESE ARE THE BEST and I recommend them to everyone!

Pants that are lined with cozy flannel OR fleece. For men, women and kids.

Flannel tends to be a thinner fabric, very soft and cozy.  Fleece is as well, and a little thicker, but in these pants not too thick - and it is the warmer of the two. So both are great, but vary slightly in thickness and warmth value.

Eliminate the need for long underwear and the scratchy feel of jeans against bare legs in real cold. Who would not like these? In my experience, the lining does not add much bulk, especially the flannel ones.

Jeans and chinos even cords and moleskin pants for men and jeans for women in a variety of fits including as slim leg for women - From $29-49 at LL Bean.

My only beef is the ladies pants are so high waisted. If that's of concern, check out the ladies boyfriend jeans from Eddie Bauer below.

SAVE 10% through Tuesday with the code THANKS10. 

I like the Men's Cargo style as well. For $69.99 If you click on any links you can see rear views too.

Or check out men, women and kids pants with fleece and a different cuts (have petite and tall sizes) from $49.50-$64.00 at EddieBauer.com

Or LL Bean has a nice selection. Some have plaid fleece inside as well.  YUMMY!

Here's a pair of Men's Relaxed fit from Eddie Bauer for $70

A note for Ladies:  Higher waists are coming back in but these are cut in the old super-high cut for women. But if you are going to wear these outside and have a sweater over them, no one is going to notice the high cut. All you care about is being warm!

But here is the boyfriend jean cut - which is making a comeback - from Eddie Bauer. $90
Use Code SNOWBALL today for Eddie Bauer and get 30% off!!

Kinda kicky in black! These ones are stretch too! Yay! For $80.

Reviews say the below are a very flattering fit but run a little big. Maybe due to stretch, or just that Eddie Bauer runs big in general. Read them and decide. Can be returned/exchanged.

From LL Bean

Rose Matelasse Bedding - No picture for you because you need to get online to zoom in and see this subtle, pretty solid with rose pattern stitching in white, sage, ruby, periwinkle. 100% cotton, usable year round. In coverlet or beadspread styles. Sample prices for coverlet: Queen-$109, King - $119 Shams available so CLICK HERE

Solar Dynamo Radio Light - The fact that you can either hand crank or use the solar panel if your batteries go dead makes this a #1 emergency kit must have in my book. BUilt in cell phone charger, AM/FM radio, flashlight. Multiple colors $29.95 or CLICK HERE

Standing Log Carrier - These are totally great, and practical. The fact that this one stands up is a great new feature over ones I've bought in the past. Sturdy handles too. $29.50 Navy, Burgandy, Green- CLICK HERE

Commando sweater -- Great design, perfect for keeping warm with a vest or by itself in spring/fall. stays warm when wet. From 
reading customer reviews sounds like the fit is nice but there's only room for a long sleeved tee underneath. Wool. If at all itchy, one reviewer said it disappeared within 3 washings. Though LL Bean sizes can be a little roomy, this supposedly is a slim fit (NOT boxy). $54 COMES IN TALL SIZES! LL bean.com or CLICK HERE

More Suggestions from Red Envelope

So many things at RedEnvelope.com!! This is a great all round gift catalog you should check out yourself.  They have high quality items and packaging for mid-range prices, not outrageous. Most things can be engraved or embossed (call to see about the timing at 877-733-3683).  There are many things for new parents, for him, for her, and for kids.  There is a special link of all gifts that can be sent today. I have sent and receive many an item from RE.  Here are a few top please-all picks:

Mother/Father + Child Jewelry:  Great for new parents.  Mens' are a refined dog tag style with two pieces of sterling silver fused together to signify the bond -- Chinese characters on one side, english on the other. $99 CLICK HERE

Womens: There are many necklaces that represent mother and child -- pearl peas in a silver pod, pendants and pins with a jewel per child, lockets etc, starting at $49.00 I have given this necklace, sterling silver with chinese characters hand carved on mother of pearl, that slides aside to reveal the words they represent: Mother and daughter/son. $69.95

They have Monogrammable Cufflink lockets as well $119-149 CLICK HERE

Jewelry Case - I like these to store earrings, necklaces etc when traveling. Small enough
 to carry on so precious items are not trusted to the suitcase and protects!  All sizes but travel size is only $24.95 Black, chocolate, red or bone Larger one for $49.95 CLICK HERE for both

Baby Keepsake Kit - A GREAT idea for new parents!!!  Parents mix impression material and make their own hand and foot print of their baby, and frame it with a picture in acid-free matte boards... three color choices for frame.  $69 ON SALE for $49.

Smaller desk size for $39.99 And one for PET LOVERS $34.99. CLICK HERE

Cigar Cases:  Rich dark leather, holds 3 cigars, alloy lighter and stainless steel cutter. Can be engraved with up to 3 letters but time may be short so call 877-733-3683 to ask).  $59.95  OR silver nickel holder for 2 cigars, lightweight, easy for the traveler.  $29.95 CLICK HERE for both

FOR HER:  Gorgeous Silk Pajamas which can be personalized if it's not too late (call now to see at 877-733-3683.  Purple, Fuscia (pictured) or teal.  $99.95  CLICK HERE

Keep scrolling down for endless days of suggestions. They go back to November 25th or so.  I try to make it easy by giving you the link to each item, and pictures for most!

All pictures respectfully borrowed from www.RedEnvelope.com

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Deserves A Post All It's Own

Universal Rescue Power Station
This -- or one like it -- are a great gift for your teen or elderly parent and anyone in-between.  Especially good in areas with seasonal natural disasters.

Jumper cables will charge  your car battery without the need for another car, has AM/FM radio, four DC outlets, a siren, a spotlight and a detachable flashlight.  Rechargeable 12V amp-hour battery charges from car itself or at regular home outlet.  11" cord. 

Such a deal ON SALE for $82.99 down from $119 at Restoration Hardware or CLICK HERE.

But look on line for these chargers to see what they carry at Sears or Walmart etc... Usually those places will have only the jumper cable features.  


I have found so many things but it's prohibitive to list all with a link and picture at this point.  In the interest of time will begin to list multiple things I found at one location (though other stores may carry them). If an idea appeals to you, you can check it out a little more on your own.

BEATLES Monopoly:  I know they have million versions,
but this one is really worth a mention. The little pieces you play with are Maxwell's hammer, a walrus, etc... And it covers Apple and Abbey Road Studios plus every album released by the Beatles. Instead of real estate, you create your own private music anthology. 

At Barnes and Noble and Boarders for $35 (they all offer card member discounts) but cheapest I've found is at Amazon for $26.95 CLICK HERE

Archival quality storage CD boxes ($27.95 per) and anti-corrosion CD holder Sleeves ($8.95 for set of 10). They too won't last forever, but these can help preserve them far longer.  CLICK HERE for sleeves and you can find boxes, albums and many other great things photo and archival at www.exposuresonline.com  

Gift ideas from Restoration Hardware:

Realistic Moon: Hang on the wall, this 3-d planet shows 12 different phases at the touch of a remote. Was $39 ON SALE now for $26.99

"Worlds Lightest" Carry On Bag: For your traveler, under 5 1/2 lbs! Slim (fits in most overhead compartments!), hard sides, handle almost disappears when closed. In black or silver. $99. ON Sale now for $78.99

Digital Pedometer (tracks calories burned, tracks work out time + several other features) $22 ON SALE $14.99

Travel sized scrabble ($19.95)  in nice black zip case or Scrabble Electronic Dictionary $35.

Games: Lots of collectors editions and very grown up versions of games (magic sets too).

For the Astrologically minded:  A handsome selection including key rings, paperweights, calendars and books... I liked:

Astrology Conversation Cards ($35) a box of cosmic queries to get people talking.  CLICK HERE

Candles: As shown 3 1/4 " diameter, 4" high. Chosen astrological sign pressed into a coin of antiqued silver finish, each with it's own *ahem* heavenly scent.  $35 ON SALE now $17.95  CLICK HERE

FABULOUS selection of BOOKENDS: CLICK HERE  Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Roman Coliseum, etc...  Were $65, now $51.99! Per pair.  
Also classy crystal globes or Obelilsks for $99.

Also, check out their wide selection of good stuff for the Fly Fisherman on your list.

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