Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gifts for the Foodie or Chef

These are just beautiful!  A 13 piece cutlery set of stainless steel blades covered in rose Gold titanium by Forte, stored in a transparent display, makes a handsome gift for men and women alike. Available at, for $129.99 TIP: BUT --they are an Oprah pick, so you can get  20% off with the code OPRAH.

And for the uber-stylish, how about these pure black knives from Stelton? They are all one piece of steel so the handle melds into the blade without a hitch, FDA approved. They cut like any other quality knife - these just look beyond COOL. The above is the full line of two chef knives and a bread knife, that come on a magnetized strip. Available at starting at $89 for the small chefs knife, and they offer 10% off a set.  You can find these blades in other places… Just Google around.

Freshly Made Criossonuts! Doughnuts made from flaky, light, buttery croissant dough? YES PLEASE.

In fact, you can send 18 of these to anyone on your list for just $39.99 from William Sonoma. These arrive frozen. Sit them out the night before and in the morning pop into some soy oil in a deep pan for a few minutes each side, then fish out and sprinkle. PERFECT for New Years breakfast or Christmas morning. Their croissants are amazing too! Just take out at night, let rise while you sleep and bake in the morning. Like a trip to Paris!

Don't forget to order some for your self. One for you and one for me always makes the best gift.

TIP: 10%off your first order as of this date. 

Foodie Fight!!! Now I heard that this game, which is like Trivial Pursuit for Foodies, will actually educate the most informed Food-lover on a thing or two. So if the person on your list is into food fun, this might be just the thing.  On AMAZON for about $20.

This is unusual - baking steel - for rustic breads and pizzas, but also may be used stovetop griddle (though there is no rim to catch, say, bacon drippings, it would work for pancakes and such), an induction plate or freezes to be a cold plate (for caviar or oysters??) 16x14x 1/4 for $79 which includes a storage case. TIP: Custom sizes can be made as well.  Visit

Look at this - This is going to make my top picks for 2014! A shiny gray travel case that is solely for carrying wine (and 2 wine glasses!).  Protects up to a full case of wine and the  glasses and can weigh up to 49 lbs. when fully packed - just under the limit for baggage charges.

The hard outer shell and inner foam would make it awfully hard for any breakage to occur.

Foam cut for different shaped bottles like champagne and Rieisling. $229 at

Vanilla is part of so many recipes - and what cook would not want the real deal: direct from the vanilla planifolia andrews plant, grown in Madagascar. The rich taste puts the fake kind to shame.Once you give this, they'll never want to use the other stuff again. Buy through Dean and Delucas for $12
This wine cork lights up for those nights when the sun has set and the bottle still has some in it (or not!) and you don't want to leave yet. Makes a little lantern out of the bottle - pretty with green or clear. Find on, Sale Price as of this date is $11.99.

Looking to give a cookbook? There are zillions - and they probably already have all the classics, from the Silver Palate to Joy of Cooking Take it from Bon Appetite! Click HERE for their list of 8 best cookbooks for 2014. See the sample below:

Now THESE are cool and brand new, guaranteeing that the cook who has everything, doesn't have these! Grindable spice mixes from Whole Foods for $3.98 ea.  They'll enjoy finding what would work with the Edible flowers combination, and the Winter Baking with lemon, cinnamon and clover. There's the Cocoa Sugar for coffee and sweet drinks and baked goods. Definitely try the Smokey Caf- great for BBQ with coffee beans, smoked paprika, garlic etc. Not available online so call your local stores before you drive to see if they have them…

This caught my eye because I'd never seen anything like this before. The Mucubo cutting board, a 16" bamboo slab with three drawers can hold lemons, limes, olives for cocktail night, or can hold three different kinds of fruits while you continue cutting… Can also function as a cheese plate and the drawers can hold crackers, olives and nuts! Buy at for $39.99 - TIP: Look for a pop up comes on saying something about 50% off this weekend. 

And JUST as I claimed to not know the right books, I found this… Trust me - The photos are eye candy and the recipe is under each dish. Here's the blurb: "Noah Fecks and Paul Wagtouicz are your guides to a dazzling display of culinary impressionism: For each year from 1901 to 2000, they invite a well-known chef or food connoisseur to translate the essence or idea of a historical event into a beautifully realized dish or cocktail. The result is an eclectic array of modern takes and memorable classics, featuring original recipes conjured by culinary notables."  Available at Barnes and Noble  for $25 (plus the discount with your membership card) or in you local bookstores or on Amazon for kindle. 

TIP: CLICK HERE to find more gifts for FOODIES from past posts!

Adopt an Olive Tree or a Tea Garden. Get Fresh Delivery to Their Door!

So cool it called for it's own post! TIP: Through Monday you can get 20% off by entering the code NudoBlack20.

I'm alway looking for the unique, and this sure is one - you get someone the gift of "adopting" an olive tree in Italy,from or a tea garden in India, (and soon, a beehive in the UK) and they receive these olive oil, or tea fresh to their door. WOW.

Tea is as low as $39 and the olive Oil starts at $77 (not sure why, but you can get these for less if ordering for yourself). All the details are on the website.

They offer other products for foodies, and gift suggestions, so click around. I just thought this adoption option would tickle the cook, foodie or healthy eater in your life.


Best Picks from J Crew Catalog 2014 - Now 30% Off!

Here's some great gifts for her and him from the J. Crew Catalogue.  TIP: 30% off as of this date with code HOLIDAY. All prices listed are without that discount


Such a pretty sweater with the shoulder shading and lace overlay.  Gray as shown, Camel or Black colors. Comes in petite sizes too. Find HERE for $98.

Fun and a little flirty, this wool flounce skirt says more than the average straight skirt. Available in navy, charcoal and black too.  Already on sale at J CREW for $89.50.

Very pretty - comfy with a bit of subtle sparkle. Sequin Trimmed 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt in pink, navy and heather gray. For $79.50 on J.Crew. I'm ordering the navy to dress up jeans!

I subscribe to the philosophy that shiny feet can't be beat. She can dress up her sweats, pj's or yoga pants with these silver slip-ons, faux-shearling lined, sizes 5-11. CLICK HERE to buy, for $45

Or these metallic gold moccasins, for $55. CLICK HERE to find. 

A pretty colored coat can certainly make her skin glow and cheer up the long winter days.  This is in poppy, but there is a beautiful melon color too - as well as camel, gray and navy. Wear the high mandarin collar up or it folds down attractively. Made of Italian wool, it's warm without the bulk.   $350 before the 30% off with code HOLIDAY. Found HERE.


I love this puffy jacket that has a little bit of shine, but comes in dark rich colors like wine, navy and forest green. For $218 CLICK HERE to find. 

I think the below is a fabulous thing - Blue jeans lined with flannel so there's no need for long underwear, yet it doesn't add bulk. You can only get these online, for $138. And no, he doesn't turn the cuffs up necessarily - that's just so you can see the flannel - a berry colored houndstooth pattern underneath.

They come in a dark honey brown with dotted flannel for $118, or these black cords with black watch flannel lining - my choice pick. Sizes are limited as they're selling out fast, so CLICK HERE to buy. 

Color blocking is right on trend, and henleys look great on men. This cotton shirt combines both. From xs to Xl, for $78. Great with the jeans he loves.  CLICK HERE to find.

If he doesn't run TOO hot, there's nothing like the feel of cotton flannel pi's and this is a sophisticated set. Comes in pearl gray with navy piping too. Great little feature - the pants have pockets.  CLICK HERE to find it, for $89.50

A Choice Few Gifts for the Beatles Fan

Someone on your list love the Beatles? Who doesn't? Here's a select few tasty tidbits for you. This book by Hunter Davies is something that any Beatle lover probably won't have and will really enjoy.

"For the Beatles, writing songs was a process that could happen anytime -- songs we all know by heart often began as a scribble on the back of an envelope or on hotel stationery. These original documents have ended up scattered across the world at museums and universities and with collectors and friends. Many have never been published before. More than 100 songs and lyrics are reproduced. The intimacy of these reproductions -- there are sections crossed out and rewritten, and words tossed into the final recordings that were never written down - a treasure."  For $ on Amazon

This great clock caught my eye -  for $30 from SOCIETY 6.  You can also get this design as a pillow, a 16" x 16" tote, a framed wall print or canvas version for varying, affordable prices.

I love these and feel quite groovy when I go to the grocery store. I'm the only one with them… but I'm sharing my secret with you.  They aren't verity wide, but you can still use them - or take them to the drug store or clothing shopping.  For $8.48 each on I have wide black and white ones of the fab four that I hoped to post here too, but apparently they no longer make them.

TIP: And as I'm sure you already know, the next generation coming up can actually look blank at the mention of the Beatles. THAT is shocking. Do your part and stuff a CD in their stocking --- well, I know they only download songs - so get them an iTunes or Amazon gift card and as an activity with     them, sit down at their laptop and sample songs until you've downloaded a custom playlist on their phone or mp3 player! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Give a Wall Sized Scrabble Game!

Immediately filed in the How Cool is This category, this wall sized Scrabble game will have everyone talking for months after you give it.  It costs a pretty penny  at $1,495.  but maybe some of you handy people can find a way to make one for far less..

Graphics are from the original 1949 edition. Dimensions are 80"W x 3"D x 59"H, Buy at RESTORATION HARDWARE.

Some Great Gifts For Her

Fringe is IN! I mean it.  I have a girlfriend who has a tan suede sachel with a long strap that she slings sideways across her. I cannot tell you HOW many women comment on it and specify the long fringe hanging from the bottom. More treat than practical, but if you have a high fashion gal, a rocker, a biker, an edgy dresser, or a chic and sophisticated accessory lover - invest in this pair of beautiful black gloves from Coach. They're silk lined, gathered at the wrists to keep out the cold ON SALE now at $129 from $199.

This is just beautiful... glass bubble necklace. Delicate for a feminine girl, modern for the edgy, Sophisticated for the chic, unique for the funky. Works with any color outfit and any coloring. 13-21" adjustable. $115 from New York's Museum of Modern Art Gift shopAnd get the earrings HERE for $55. Less if you're a MOMA member. As of today's publishing, take 20% off at the check out. 

Considering this would cost closer to $275, this is a deal from For only $79.99 you can get this lovely Diana jewelry case and an additional travel case from Morelle. Comes in cream, red or black. 

So unique!  Get her something she's never seen before… How about this vanishing vase? Made of plastic, not glass thank goodness, it's 8h x 5.5w x 4"d and perfect for a desk, shelf or dresser. $20 at MOMA. TIP: Get 205 off at check out as of this date.

Aaaahhhh the bath - time to multi-task. NOT! But it can be a heck of a lot easier to read of place your glass of wine next to the loofah with this Bath caddy, made of acacia, a wood possibly used by Cleopatra herself! You can also have this personalized with her initials. From RED ENVELOPE for $59.

How about this instead of those vacuum seal bags for everything? The EVAK removes air from the containers so food lasts longer.  No pumps needed, these simple press-down lids vacuum seal the glass containers. They come in several sizes, in gloss black, matte black or white. from $19-24. Buy at PREPARA EVAK or on Amazon. 

Normally used for pros blending just the right foundation or creme blush, this easy to wash plastic carrying case is especially good for the woman who travels… because she can simply put travel size dollops of things like lipstick or gloss, foundation, cream eye shadow and powder to take with her on a trip, instead of hauling  the Sur.face Pro Beauty Blender for $38 on Payless

To be continued!!
Looking for more gifts for her? Click HERE to see the whole category. 

Phone Cases - A Great Gift When They Are Unique as These

I have just spend the last half hour looking through pages and pages of phone cases. They are really unlike anything I've seen, with great variety - and I thought it was worth it to show you a sample and encourage you to do the same - makes a great stocking stuffer or gift.

CLICK HERE for the whole catalogue on Society 6.  Scroll through the pages.

If you see a design you like, you can also order a variety of things with it, like tee shirts, mugs, wall art, etc…So if you're not in the market for phone cases, you might find something else.