Sunday, December 20, 2015

High Quality Menswear at 50% OFF. Order till midnight12/20 for 12/14 delivery!

OK, it's getting down to the wire. You need gifts. Here's a great way to get VERY high quality Italian fabrics -- clothing and accessories -- at extremely good prices. Meaning, these are the high end designer brand fabrics that would cost 2-3 times as much in stores like Ralph Lauren or Hugo Boss.

Forget Jos A. Banks! It's trashed in a year, the fabric does not look rich, and that affects even tailoring. Get him something really special!

SIZES ARE GOING FAST SO GET ON IT TODAY. Unsure of size? Buy two, return the one that doesn't fit -- It's FREE, and easy. GIFT CARDS are available too.

Look below for great solutions to the new sharp casual wear for every day at work, for something sharp for him to make you swoon on New Years.

Stock up for Valentines Day, winter/fall birthdays, for Father's Day (yes, I buy far in advance if I see a deal like this!). And the polos and shorts are PERFECT if you are taking a warm weather vacation or cruise Feb/March, if where you live is warm year round or summer birthdays.

Have I reached you? Click the link to see each better - you can also hover over the fabric to see it close up. Then buy by 12/20 for 12/24 delivery!!

High quality, timeless jackets only $150-215!! He'll have it for 20 years. Made to measure is $650 with the same fabrics!  Also great for a son who has or is soon to graduate, in college, for interviews etc...  Buy as separates, or make the perfect suit from both jacket/trousers (below).  CLICK HERE to check out both solids and patterns for a little sport jacket pizazz.

CLICK HERE for trousers --a steal for fine fabric and manufacturing at only $65! Flat fronts are flattering, slimming, make someone look taller than the pleated and cuffed kind. Neutral colors and quality fabric mean he'll have them for a long time!

PURRRR - Cashmere! CLICK HERE for soft, luxurious and warm while being light. Buy this quality now while 50% OFF and FREE shipping for to wear on New Years Eve - or save it for Valentines Day!

Cotton or Wool with cashmere blends are 50% OFF w/ FREE shipping, will get there by 12/14 if you order even as late as 12/20 - but sizes are running out as you can see, so CLICK HERE to order today!

FANTASTIC DEALS! the Vested overcoat is sophistication at a bargain. I love the highlander. And the modern pea coat - a classic! He'll have it for decades. 50% off Free shipping! CLICK HERE 

These will be his Go-to shorts all summer. Linen are A STEAL - have DEEP pockets for the bigger phones (guys biggest pant complaint!).  In two fits - the tailored (shorter, more fitted) and the classic (a little longer and looser). Wear well, wash well. CLICK HERE to save!!

CLICK HERE for Polos for the warm weather get away or to save for summer gifting. Great quality! There are two fits - country club is more relaxes and tailored is slim fit.

There is a black and a navy long sleeved polo, that is not on sale but is beautiful CLICK HERE for that.

Our Polos are thankfully LOGOLESS, and come in cotton, Jersey and Pique Pima (my favorite). check out the top two striped ones - look great under navy or gray sport jackets too. CLICK HERE

FIND SCARVES HERE - always a good thing, especially when on sale. Find cufflinks, pocket kerchiefs, belts, ties, and tux accessories -  CLICK HERE. 

Allen Edmond's honey brown cap toe - a hipper version of the old wingtip, $50 OFF! And FREE shipping! CLICK HERE to see all the shoes -  high style loafers and a new boot too.

CLICK THIS TO SEE EVERYTHING, not just what's on sale. 

CLICK HERE FOR ACCESSORIES. Ties, cufflinks, pocket kerchiefs, socks, belts, studs and tux. 

GIFT CARDS are available too.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Funny Gifts!

A WAY incomplete list - but here are just a few quick little tidbits as the clock ticks down. Several of these made me laugh out loud - and the secret to life is to liberally employ humor. So the below offers a little of it...

Hilarious! A ball with a grin that will make you crack up every time they come back to you to throw it again. $15-18 on Open Sky

SPOCKS - with ears! Google around but best prices are about $10 a pair. Find these at The Joy of Socks.

Or go to Super Hero Stuff's website for your inner superman, complete with capes.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater has become an art - and this is a good resource for them. Tipsy Elves presents many on sale right now, approx $38, like this Ginga Ninja - I laugh more at the guy modeling it - a perfect pose.
Don't miss Tacky Cat with Balls for men or ladies.  There are so many - Bah Hump Pug (yes, a pug dog), Chanukah sweaters,

Christmas Tree with Balls anyone?

There are just too many to show you. JUST CLICK on it and look around. One is worse than the next. So great!

And MORE socks - some of the most fun I've seen.  Like these Santa boots ankle socks for $12

...or this Xmas lights pair for knee socks for $15. Don't wait on these as these smaller companies can't guarantee delivery - but there are many that are non-xmas themed but very festive that'd  be great for New Years!!

You can run right to your local Hallmark to pick this up for $19.00 but here's THE LINK. Was very nicely made and will last for years. I may go back and buy it just to keep and sell in 20 years and make a million on it as memorabilia! :)

Even if they can't deliver till christmas, keep this bookmarked for gag gifts, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and birthdays. Ankle and knee high socks for men and women, and probably kids - and they also make kitty phone covers too.  Visit Living Royal to see them all.

Game Night Shot Glass Dart Set!  Comes with Gaming instructions and one dart board, four darts with a magnetic tip, and four shot glasses. On sale for only $8.99 On WAYFAIR

My Favorite, besides White Christmas, is The Holiday - an ultimately feel good romantic comedy with actors who you can't take your eyes off. It will make you a little choked up but is pure entertainment and ends with a huge smile. And Cameron Diaz's wardrobe stands out as one of the best two modern wardrobes in a contemporary women's flick (the other is in the remake of Thomas Crown Affair.  Buy on Amazon for only $4.95

And this might be crude to some, but it was a hoot when it came out. Starring one of my dear friends who I've also worked with for many years, Denis Leary. A Christmas Classic - He unwittingly gets held hostage by family politics (then plays therapist) when he burgles a house on Christmas. The REF: $5 for the DVD on Amazon.

Gifts for Him

More and more I find it difficult to make gender-directed posts because everyone is unique  but I know it makes targeted shopping easier for many. And so, here's some stuff for Guys.  There's some cool stuff here! 

MAN CANDLES!! Scents that are not flowery, but spiced, and natural.  Made from soup cans (the soup was donated to soup kitchens) and soy wax, these qualify as do-good and green as well. A little tongue in cheek as scents are: dirt, fresh cut grass, sawdust, campfire, pizza, and coffee.  For $15 on Uncommon Goods. 

The classic, and classy cashmere sweater - this one in V-neck. ON SALE NOW FOR 50% off!!! Comes in many colors. A lasting gift - the thing he'll reach for first again and again. Also, great for travel - keeps a guy warm on a plane without having to wear a big coat, perfect without a jacket in fall and spring - and easy to wrap around his neck or waist. Nice as they carry Tall sizes. From Small to 2XL.  $100 down from $200 and Free shipping till 12/21 HERE. 

The Cruiser Compass: Necessary and ideal for seasoned or novice navigators, this "lensatic" style compass was originally designed for explorers, speleologists, archaeologists, the military, and most famously for foresters who “cruised” timberlands engaged in precision survey work. Equipped with a lensatic sight which will allow the user to take an exact bearing from the compass while simultaneously aligning it with their destination and or objective. A German-engineered instrument they claim will outperform and outlast anything on the market. Great stats to be read on BEST MADE. $178

The Art of Fixing Things: This is a great book for anyone wanting to know the what's what of simple repairs.This is the book you MUST READ before you read any other 'how-to' guide to repairing cars, household appliances, garden machines, and farm equipment, or doing home improvements. It is a resource for smart people who have never had the opportunity to learn the basics of tool use, maintenance and repairs. It contains useful information not found in any other publication, and is the first new book in many years on this subject. $11 in paperback  ON AMAZON

And WHILE fixing everything, this could come in quite handy! Check out the Mango Grip.

A velcro wrist band with a wide magnet strong enough to hold nails, bolts and anything else you'd like to have close while working with both hands.  Have seen in a few places but AMAZON has a good sale price of $11 down from $19. 

Very Cool playing cards: Only $8 from Best Made.

Whether he goes around with the kids or for  serious riders, this could be just the thing - light up fun for bikes by Go Brightz in Red, Yellow or Blue. Get a few - when you watch the video, it's clear you need at least two! $1499 each on FatBrainToys.

THESE are a bargain. NOW 50% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING! A luxurious blend of 85% cotton/15% cashmere knitted in an ultra fine 16 gauge, this long-sleeve crewneck is the ideal lightweight sweater. Fitting closer to the body, it provides a comfortable yet tailored shape that is perfect on its own with your favorite denim or layered under a sports jacket. 5 colors and sizes from S to 2XLT - Yes TALL sizes.  $50 down from $99. CLICK HERE to browse.

The Mission Critical Baby Carrier for guys.I love this one. If he’s a dad, he has learned that few baby basics like diaper bags and such are built with the guy in mind. That’s where this comes in. Durably built with 1000D nylon construction, it has breathable mesh inside so you remain comfortable —  all while looking like a tactical FBI agent vest. (see more pix and a video by clicking the link below)

Can support between 8-35 pounds of baby and allows them face you or face out. And there are easily accessible pockets in the front for snacks and other things, and if there’s an accident, the washable center comes out easily.The cool looking bands around the sides double as attachments for other accessories the carrier makes.  In gunmetal gray $190 on Gadgets For Guys. 

While we're on it, check out the TACTICAL diaper bags that go from $90-250 ON SALE right now, offering $10-30 off. 

How about these very cool wooden watches. Shown here- black and blonde. Have it in brown too. Normally $79, as of today they are on sale for as low as $45, from Spring Break Watches. They offer two different bundles of two (looks like mens and womens, or chunky and thinner) for $99. TIP: Use code SPGPK for 15 % off

Lego has an architecture line that shows you how to do famous buildings and landmarks around the globe, and coming in January 2016, entire skylines of cities like NY, and Berlin. CLICK HERE for more information. This one will take a little studying on your part but it's too cool not to list. Google around to see what you can find. CLICK HERE for Big Ben for $29. And CLICK HERE to get the Empire State building for $45. 

One of the most iconic and endlessly fascinating figures of the 20th century, Winston Churchill has been the subject of any number of books, but none of them have analyzed his lifestyle as a way to really understand the man. This book features a vivid and entertaining timeline of his public history, but also focuses on the more personal, nonwork aspects of his day-to-day life, covering topics such as autos, books, cigars, dining, fashion, home, libations, and pastimes. Churchill lived an extravagant life, but in reality did not have much money. His ability to live well beyond his means is a lesson that will intrigue many. Buy HERE on AMAZON

Upgrade him to an electronic dart board by Arachnid. Solo play with heckler feature, colorfully backlit, scoring easy to read with a large, active score window. There are 38 games and 137 options so playing will never get "old" Up to  4 players with X/O scoring displays. Best price I found was $99 on HAYNEEDLE.

The title says it all: "The ultimate manthology. With entries that range from the sublime to the sardonic, this book is the pitch-perfect gift, the laugh-out-loud beach read, the steady bathroom companion. When it comes to modern manly must-knows—like growing a beard, bribing the cable guy, and looking good in a Speedo—101 Things has got you covered. Or perhaps you want to fight a bear? Escape an alien abduction? Interact with crackheads? Look no further. 101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do is the one-stop reference for man-tastic advice in a mundane world."

But it will cost you a pretty penny - still might be just right so it's $98 on AMAZON. I googles around and unless you can find an old copy on Ebay or an electronic one, you might do better to make your own book using lists like the one I found on POPULAR MECHANICS, and research it yourself.

To go with the cool tools above ... How about giving Stanley SAT3S Yellow/Black SATELLITE Rechargeable LED Work Light for $39! Small and compact when closed, this throws off a good deal of light (You can also go for the SAT5S, which has 500 lumens).  Has a flashlight on the end. A warning from a reviewer regarding making a significant difference in battery life: "Fully charge it before first use. The reason is that this thing has a lithium ion battery, just like your cellphone. If you don't charge it up before first use, you'll severely shorten the battery life." Click the link to see a little video. Read the reviews and decide.

Who hasn't wished to know more of the constellations - and looked up wanting to identify what they're seeing. Yes there are apps, but this may be better for some people, depending on how they learn.  Plus, it's a nice addition to any library, office, man cave - or kids room.  $34 on Best Made. 

TIP: CLICK HERE to see the entire category of all posts FOR HIM! Such fun!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Give in Ways that Heal the World

And everybody wins. Even if you are giving gifts boxed and wrapped this season, I urge you to  give at least one gift like the below - even if it's a gift to yourself! It goes without saying how much good it does for all. 

One person CAN make a difference in this way - give to a friend, where it gives to another person, group or village, who then make a difference in the lives of their families, friends, communities and countries, and who knows, maybe one or three of those people go on to do big things in the world. 

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE your power to create a huge ripple effect, even if in a small contribution, even if it's from only one gesture. 

The Heifer Project gives animals to people all around the world to promote sustainable advances in their lives. Buy anything from a hive of bees, a pig, llama, chickens or geese, a cow, trees in in the name of the person you are gifting. This is, as it says above, the most important gift in the world.

There are so many ways you can help (you can even get your employer to do matching funds if so moved). Here are just two pictures of their many programs. THIS IS THE BEST!

Go Green -- literally! Buy a tree --or many-- for a dollar each in a person's name, and even choose the region of the country or the world that you'd like them to be planted (At times they offer places you can plant them where they are trying to come back from a natural disaster). Your friends will receive a nice announcement about it too.

You'll get a charitable tax deduction, the planet will get oxygen producing air filters, the animals will get shade, a food source and shelter, and the soil will get nutrients and be secured by their roots. Pretty good for a dollar! Just press where it says is this a gift for someone. Click around on the menus before choosing what you want to do. VISIT American Forests.

Donate in someone’s name as a gift to Amnesty International a powerful force - a voice for rights of people everywhere, against political imprisonment and torture. 

Doctors without Boarders delivers medical need around the globe when it's most needed. For Doctors Without Borders, the ability to respond quickly to medical humanitarian emergencies is crucial to saving more lives. Unrestricted funds allow them to allocate their resources most efficiently and where the needs are greatest.   honor someone with a gift HERE.

EMPOWER people around the world with as little as $25! How many coffee's do we buy in a week that easily totals that?  Kiva gives you the chance to make a loan to people in over 70 countries so they can start businesses, go to school, and change their lives. Support a borrower of your choice. When you give a Kiva Card, you give someone else the chance to make a loan to a borrower who inspires them. When that loan is repaid, they can lend those funds again and again to make an even bigger difference. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Kiva connects millions of people around the world through lending to make the world a better place. Every day, hundreds of loans are funded to help borrowers start and grow businesses, send their kids to school, switch to clean energy, and more — all with a nearly 99% repayment rate. Just go to, find a story that speaks to you, and do a little bit of good!

Another is the Grameen Project , which gives support to the poor in ways that help them help themselves  in Africa, Latin America, and Asia -you can send a gift card for any of those areas specifically

The world really really needs us all to band together and help so that good will win, as it should. All you need is love, and a few less cups of coffees, magazines from the stand, or whatever it is you might sacrifice for a short while to gift a donation. What a huge difference it can make!