Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Greatest Gift of All: Acts of Kindness

Got an e-mail today from a painter who is doing 26 acts of kindness to honor each life lost at the Sandy Hook School. What a great idea. She's also doing a painting giveaway. Please read and be inspired to do your own 26 acts of kindness: 

In honor of the 26 victims at the Sandy Hook School, I along with my husband and children will be doing 26 acts of kindness. We are inspired to spread some good into the world after this tragic event. Over the holiday break, my kids and I will be looking for small things we can do, give away some of our fresh eggs, buy someone's breakfast, write a letter to someone faraway, fill the parking meters or shovel snow for our neighbors (if it ever snows!) In the meantime to get things going....

Act #2: I am giving away a painting from the 100 painting collection

If you would like a painting, please leave a comment on my blog or facebook page and tell me what acts of kindness you can do. I will choose a winner at random at the end of the day on 12/21/12.

Please pass this idea along--and let's see how far it can go. Read more about about 26 Acts of Kindness HERE.


Kristina Wentzell
Kristina Wentzell Fine Art

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Short on Stocking Stuff and yet the clock ticks away on Christmas Eve? There are 24 hour Walgreens and CVS's and grocery stores that you can still go to for stuff. Here are some suggestions:

For the Sweet Tooth:
There are so many little candies for the holidays--- stuff the toe with the individually sized stuff like baby snickers, tootsie pops etc... or go for the Chocolate covered marshmallow santas, Reeces Trees, M&M's stuffed in plastic candy cane shapes, or those little samplers from Whitman that have 4 gourmet chocolates in a stocking sized little box.

How about little bags of Famous Amos cookies or the large size Mrs. Fields or chocolate dipped Oreos that come out this time of year?

Those little, individually wrapped chocolate truffels by Lindor are to die for and better than most gourmet chocolates in my book. (Add bubble bath or champagne and you have a full-on gift!). But they are also sold in full bars!!! Another favorite bar -- Cadbury's fruit and Nut bars. Those are great for anyone, but are a favorite of hikers and bikers too. It gives energy and protein from the almonds and rasins in the chocolate.

Granola bars and little 100 calorie bags of Crasins (cranberry rasins) or pocket bags or cashews or almonds are great treats for the health-minded.

For those who are diabetic or dieting, thank fully there are all kinds of makers coming out with very tasty versions of all our favorites in sugar free bags. Russel Stover is one. These are found at any CVS or Walgreens.

Lastly, there are all sorts of mints and gums in cool packaging to be found at the register or candy aisle... good for all ages and tastes.

Practical and Useful: We all use, need, and run out things like these. It will be appreciated.
*A full sized toothpaste or a new toothbrush... or replacement packs for toothbrush heads on Braun and other electric toothbrushes.
* Contact lens solution or brand new little white plastic contact cases
* Nail Polish Remover or all brand new nail files (if she has acrylic nails, ask the clerk which ones are for that).
* Dental Floss-- I think the best is GLIDE by Crest
* That new foaming hand soap that comes in pump bottles perfectly sized for the bathroom or kitchen or work room sink. Some have seasonal designs and scents.
* $15 Starbucks or Subway cards
* You can also go by McDonalds and get some kind of Gift certificates for low denominations. May hold true for your local Denny's, IHop, Pie place, etc...
* Eyeglass repair kit with those tiny screwdrivers or glass lens cleaners and shamys to wipe good for camera bugs too)
* Blistex liquid lip balm or Burts Bees
* Favorite Advil, Eccederin, Bayer, Tylenol.... whatever
* Energy saver light bulbs

For the Beautified: (Pick name brands for these products, not the drugstore label -- Lancome is always quality, as is Neutrogena, which is good for those with allergies to additives and fragrances or sensitive skin)

* Nail polish -- if you're not sure of a color, You can go for clear, fire engine red or thenatural looking french pinks. Essie is the BEST and comes in glitter shades for New Years Eve, but Opie is another good name. Sally Hansen is fine too.
* Polish drying sprays or top coats --my all time FAVORITE is called OUT THE DOOR by inm and is clear colored. Amazing!
* Lip gloss --if in doubt, stick to clear so it can turn any color stick she has into glossy lips
* Cuticle clippers that are new. Old ones can not work as well anymore so replacements will be appreciated.
* Bubble bath--again, maybe not a great idea if she is fragrance-sensitive. Ask the clerk for what is a name brand or good quality...
* If you know what shampoo or body lotion she likes, go for it. Nivea Smooth Sensation in a big steel blue bottle is smooth -- just like they say, and a favorite of mine.
*Look for the natural crystal deodorant -in rock form or liquid for your health nut.

For Guys:
* Batteries always are welcome, especially for those who live in areas that get heavy weather (D batteries and AA especially)
* A roll of real Duct tape -- which is expensive and can be used for so many things, he'll likey
* A big old black Sharpie... especially the new ones that have the click tops, so there is no lid to loose.
* Gum, mints, tic tacs, cigs, lighters, adhesive sore-muscle heat pads or those ice packs that you scrunch up and they magically turn cold.
* New shoelaces either for black dress/work shoes, tennis shoes or work boots
* Shoe polish or kits... I love the slim cylinders of shoe cream with the touch up sponge in the lid made by Kiwi
* Crazy Glue - always seems you need it and the last tube dried up, Now they sell packs of 6 individual use mini-tubes!

In general, go to each aisle and see what you can find... measuring tape? Needle and thread traveling sewing kits? Stain fighting bleach pens or Shout wipes for someone with toddlers? Gardening or heavy work gloves? Dr. Scholls shoe inserts?

And since Bluray is in, and stores are trying in this economy to move product, you may find some great DVD's for cheap ... i got Dreamgirls at Krogers for $4.99 the other day.

Lastly, any of those "as seen on TV products" that fit your person... they are usually pretty great things! WARNING: Stand back from the Snuggies....

Monday, December 17, 2012

How About Three Deals at the Famous Lola's

Do you live in LA - or have to buy for someone who lives there?? Or will you be visiting sometime soon?

Check out this great deal for Lola's in West Hollywood. I have been there many a time and can personally vouch for the ambiance and quality of the food. Lolas stands out for many reasons, the decor, the menu - for incredibly reasonable prices, and for the the rare thing that they serve as late as 2 AM... Everyone else seems to close at 9 PM in that city. 

Not to mention their fabulous, innovative martini menu. Check it out HERE and you will see what  I mean - from the hilarious names  some go by to their creative combination of ingredients. Loren Dunsworth, a.k.a. Ms. Lola herself, long ago invented the now-famous Green Apple Martini.

With a rich interior, a classy bar and a cozy dining room, here are three great deals to get from Living Social in the next 6 days. Get for yourself or give as a gift:

• $40 ($80 value) for a weekend brunch for two including bottomless bloody Marys
• $39 ($78 value) for a weekend brunch for two including bottomless mimosas
• $45 ($93 value) for a four-course dinner and martini pairing

TIP: Lola's is a great place to host a party, large or small! And it's a fab spot to spend New Years Eve. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

LeapFrog Leap Pad 2

I could say alot, or you could just read THIS comprehensive review of this great educational and fun kid's device, by the Best of Toys Guide.

This is the second version of the excellent Leap Pad Explorer, and is an innovative, interactive tablet made just for kids - which can be personalized for ages 3-9. On Sale for $99 as of this date on Amazon

Simply THE Best: Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey Makes a Great Gift

Be the MOST popular person at the party when you give or bring Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey. Now I am not a lover of alcohol (only because it always tasted like anti-freeze to me), let alone whiskey. But I got a bottle of this from a friend, whose best friends, the Robillards, developed this on their own.

One sip and I got why it's been recently bought by the biggest distributor in the world (which means you can get it anywhere). This stuff is amazing. Smooth and made delicious by a light hint of maple. You have just got to trust me on this and run, don't walk, to the nearest store to try and buy.

For true aficionados: Cabin Fever is a 3-year-old, 80 proof whisky that is infused with real grade B dark maple, the flavor of which is very subtle, not overly sweet. A delicate blend of leathery oak and maple at the forefront with hints of caramel and butterscotch, with an endlessly long finish.  It benefits from traditional craftsmanship such as 100% Vermont maple, three-year barrel aging and a devotion for extremely high qualityThe aroma will fill a room.

Great gift for whiskey lovers, to bring to parties, for Dad or Boss, for Grandpa, for your best friends. It makes great drinks year round but especially in the winter months. Move over Baileys. That's all I'm saying. There are also endless ways to use it in baking and cooking. Great in dessert breads, rice Puddings, BBQ, glazing for ham or fish, pork chops. Put it in a lamb or beef marinade. Add it to your pecan pie and have everyone raving!

You can get all drink recipe for every season and read more about Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey HERE.

Goes for about $20 in stores for 750ml. There are small nips too - the perfect stocking stuffer! Come back here to let me know how you liked it!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bet Your Golfer Wants This Under the Tree

A friend's dad invented this, and decided to offer it to the public. It's a tool for people with back problems to continue to enjoy golf. I bet your golfer doesn't have it yet. The Lift-N-Fix Golf tool on sale at Amazon for $29.95 

You don't have bend over to grab your tee, ball or clubs on every hole, so you save your back for your swing. It will really help you or your golfer stay in the game! 

  • Lifts Ball from Cup - Magnet Lifts Metal Ball Marker - Towel Hanger
  • Flip Down Extra Club Holder - Steel Divott Tool Fixes Ball Marks
  • Rides with Putter in Bag - Lifts Tees after driving
  • For Golfers Who Have Problems When Bending Over
  • Cuts Your Reaching Down By 50% or More

Friday, December 14, 2012

GREAT Yoga Pants -- a steal!

In the gym yesterday I stopped a girl to ask where she got her pants from. They were dark black, and fit like a dream. It can be hard to find that combination, simple as it is. City Lights used to make them and now Aerie does (that's an offshoot of American Outfitters).

These yoga/workout pants have a great soft, roll-down waist instead of hard elastic - hence the term Yoga part. Easy to bend in them.

They have straight leg versions but the wide leg is always most flattering to any thigh, proportionately. And you can find the waist band in black, but also a variety of bright colors, some plain, some with lace overlays, or striped or - my fave - sequins.

Price varies from $19-35TIP: BUT as of this publication, they are offering free shipping AND and additional 40% off. USE CODE 23815931

The standard jet black- great fit on legs and bum area.

Colors come in solids with or without lace overlay shown above.
And this is the straight leg version

Slim fit wide leg shimmer (silver sequins at the waist)

This last one is on sale for only $19. 
The vee gives the impression of a longer waists -- or shows it off if it's your best feature!

I just ordered the black slim fit wide legs and the black that have a vee in front  for only $35 total.

Swipe Ties and Tees - Cleans His Phone or Tablet!

If you're going to give a tie.... I guess the time has come for this: Instead of worrying about spilling mustard on his tie, he can think about using it to clean the surface of this phone...

Now that's what I call giving polish! Swipe Ties come in solids and patterns and have microfiber linings that nicely shine up a phone or tablet!  Silk - for $39.95

TIP:  they also make Tees for $24.95.

Aerie Full-trim Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

For women or girls.... cozy fleece inside, faux fir trim on hood. Comes in Navy, gray, cream and white.

Now on sale at $39.00 from $50 

TIP: and you should be able to use this code to get an additional 40% (and free shipping) off most of their merchandise:23815931

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For the Foodie - FANTASTIC infused olive oils and vin gars

Amagah! This stuff is the best. And it makes a great great gift to send to anyone who loves food.
And there are infinite combinations. Introducing the Cape Ann Olive Oil Company.

A friend who lives upstate in MA told me that she now dresses her salads with nothing but this place's Blood Orange infused oil and Mission Fig Balsamic. Just hearing it was enough. BUT I had another friend go to this store and sample them - about 40 minutes later, she came out raving... because you can sample each and every one of these that they sell. There are little paper cups in which you can pour any oil or vinegar you like, then find glass containers of bread (which you can remove with tongs). Dip the bread in the paper cup and before you know it, you're moaning, according to her.

The store does have a list of the things that go together but here are some of the best sellers:

Butter infused olive oil - among the plethora of uses, it's THE thing to make your real kernel popcorn with!

Apple infused balsamic - pair it with their lemon olive oil!

Herbs de Provence infused oil - great for fish, chicken, any italian dish.

How about Coconut infused oil - or Pomegranate? Garlic infused oil and Chipotle oil are great too. Maple Balsamic??? SOMEBODY STOP ME!  CLICK HERE for the entire list of oils and HERE for vinegars. There are other oils, like dark toasted sesame that are listed as Specialty Oils. On the whole, it's $11 for a 200ml bottle. In the stores, if not online, you can get one larger size too.

They have a whole line of unflavored, top-of-the-line pressed olive oils as well. Go wild. I am sending pairs of the Blood Orange and Mission Fig to a few people, and the Provencal herb and Lemon oils.

And let us not forget: Aged Dark Chocolate vinegar (maybe pair with Black Cherry vinegar?). Oh yes, I said chocolate people! 

You don't need em, but they have these snappy little silver spouts ($3.50) for sale, and a less fancy cork pourer ($1), but you don't need them. Simply use the screw cap, though the spouts are certainly nice to include in a gift. They can pack up your oils and ship Priority Mail for about $15 for a few bottles.

A Little Bit of AWESOME!

littleBits: LOVE these!! Good for all (this is something you'll WANT to do with your kids if you like ) but certainly for your budding mechanic, scientist, engineer, mathematician, or designer... I think tweens and even teens would like this too.

Here's a snippet from one reviewer: They're essentially tiny circuit boards with unique and simple functions. For example, attach the battery for ‘a little bit of juice’ to the blue circuit. Attach to the blue circuit a pink one with a knob in the middle, and then a green on. Turn the knob, and you can dim or brighten the light on the green circuit. So each bit encourages kids that much more to just have fun and use their imaginations.   Here's the video, though it's a little dry...

They’re magnetic, so all you have to do is snap them together, and then see what happens. The little circuits are color coded, so viewing the instructions on how to piece things together is simple. Once you have the basic functions of the pieces down, you can head off and make your own creations, and it really only takes a few tries to figure out what each thing does. You really have to click the littleBits hyperlink I gave to get it. Click SHOP to find them individually, or in kits, from $29 to $149. Much more affordable in the latter...

Here's a pic of the Holiday kit, which you can also buy on Amazon for $49.00. Pass the word on this one.

The Best New Sled for Kids in Ages...

Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled

You can find these through Amazon, or Google them. Prices range around $35 give or take a few bucks. If you click THIS to see Amazon's video of them in action... with everyone from pretty young kids to teens using them. 

Kids will have lots of fun in the snow riding the uniquely designed Zipfy, a fast and exhilirating downhill sled. Rails on the bottom of the sled give the rider the ability to slalom down the hill while a distinctive lever provides stability and helps with turning. The feet-first design make it easy to stop and control speed. Designed for young sledding enthusiasts ages 5 and older, Zipfy measures 21 by 13 by 16 inches and is available in an array of bright colors.

Get this leash to use when dragging the sled up the hill for $10 on Amazon.

Light Up Skateboard

This one deserves its own post. The Radiate Skateboard.

  • A Hard Rock Maple deck
  • Awesome graphics to choose from
  • Casted pro-aluminum trucks
  • Super high rebound wheels
  • High precision speed bearings

On Sale at Amazon for $89.99. Be sure to Google around - there may be other prices.

Rockboard is a company that prides themselves on keeping up with all the guidelines and regulations of manufacturing children’s toys with safety as the # 1 feature in mind, according to this review.

Chalk Trail for Bikes

What a great idea!

You attach this to your kids bike and install the chalk and let them ride and leave a trail of chalk - they can spend hours making designs, and best of all, they will be getting exercise outdoors, a nice change of pace from being in front of the computer/wii/DVR.

Avail in red or blue $19.95 on AMAZON.

And get extra chalk here for $7.99 for a pack of four.

 And Stencils for $10 for them to use if their imagination isn't enough!

More Toys!

Little Tikes Pillow Racers - In addition to this lady bug, there's a dinosaur and a turtle - and fire truck and a plane models!! -and they're cute as a button, as you can see. Your kiddo can ride on it (seated or on his/her belly), or detach the soft cushion to use as a pillow On sale on Amazon now for $30-$35 ish.

Spectacular Magic Show with performance Table: This has a ton of magic tricks and props inside, along with step-by-step magic trick instruction on DVD. Comes in a suitcase that doubles as a performance table. Fora ages 8 and up. Click the link for all the details, and reviews. On Sale on Amazon for $32.

This Plasma Car comes in many colors and has won all kinds of awards. Requires no batteries, gears, or pedals. Just hop on and go. Turning the steering wheel propels the vehicle forward and steers it as well. The easy operation is goof for kids 3-8, and develops hand-eye co-ordnation, not to mention is good exercise. Click the link for details. On sale on Amazon for $59.
It's simple, this colorful tube, but I gave it as a gift two years ago and the kids loved it. Remember when you had a fort from blankets? Some of the same concept here... plus it gets kids to move a little which is never a bad thing in the age of computers and TV. Great for hide and seek. Tunnel is 6' long. The Pacific Play Tents Find Me Tunnel. On sale for $29.97 on Amazon

Barbie Make Up Sketch Kits: You can Google to find these locally I bet, but here is a link to various sellers through AMAZON, from $29-26. For the budding make up artist! Design and sketch beauty looks for Barbie on the formatted sketch sheets, then use the “Tree-Free” colored pencils and make-up set to create flawless looks. The design guide provides tips and tricks that professional make-up artists use to enhance eyes, cheeks, or lips and that will keep Barbie looking her best. Finish everything by embellishing the designs with shiny foil stickers.

  • Make-up palette containing 6 eye shadow colors, 2 cheek colors, 3 lip colors, and 2 make-up brushes
  • 10 ?tree-free? colored pencils
  • 30 foil stickers
  • 25 barbie formatted sketch sheets
  • Design guide packed with professional tips and ideas

Experience nature up close with the Live Butterfly Garden.  An educational kit that gives kids the opportunity to observe butterflies through every stage of their lifecycle. Children ages four and up can observe five real caterpillars eat and grow to form their chrysalis and then emerge as Painted Lady butterflies. Children will love feeding the butterflies in their included observation habitat and then releasing them into the wild. Comes with a coupon to send away for five caterpillars. The caterpillars are hatched from eggs in a butterfly nursery and mailed to your home in a special clear container, complete with caterpillar food. On Sale on Amazon for $14.88.  I suggest adding this $6 book to go with it: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Hot Wheels Wall Starter kit mounts the track on the wall of a kids bedroom or play room and lets them run the cars in a new way. The starter kit goes for about $50 and HERE is a link for various sellers thru Amazon. Sure you'r local ToysRUs will have it - just call first, and ask if they will hold it for you! Includes 1 die-cast Hot Wheels car, 3M Command Strips and easy instruction poster, so you'll want to add more cars if your child doesn't already have them - and definitely can add some more tracks. 

Tres groo-vay. A new take on the old classic, again, I like these things because they get your child away from sitting in front of technology and gets them moving. The Twister Dance Game is on sale at Amazon for $42.  Everyone can learn dances by following the Twister spots to songs like "Till the World Ends" by Britney Spears or "Whip My Hair" by Willow. Or dance to your own music by connecting the game to any MP3 player. The spots are individual, not on the white sheet like we remember. Put the spots on the floor, hit the music and go.  

Nice: If you don't already have one, giving a kid this kind of art station will help develop their mind and soul in so many ways:  

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Easel is on sale for $59 on AMAZON children can create art with paint, chalk, pens, crayons, markers, and more, all at one convenient station. And when art time is over, parents and caregivers will appreciate the two-sided easel's easy-to-clean design. Designed for kids ages three and up, this easel will provide hours of creative activity that is both educational and enjoyable.Add all these extra paints and brushes for $27 on AMAZON and the artists smock for $8.81. Hate to tell you but it needs assembly. That said, it looks pretty easy. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Casio Mini Keyboard

How about this under the tree? Very portable - fits in a backpack!

The 44 key Casio SA-76 offers children the essentials for playing those first tunes. 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 integrated songs provide variety. The LSI sound source and the 8-note polyphony ensure good sound quality. The LC display helps with selecting different music options. The SA-76 also includes a striking change-over switch making it easy to switch between piano and organ modes.

On sale on Amazon for $49.95

Give the Solar System

or just one planet.. Each beautifully colored glass ornaments is 7.6cm - 3" and costs $25 and the complete solar system, including the sun, goes for $345, signed by the artist.

You can find these on

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Toys for 2012 Part One

Here's a few to get you started: Click on the link to find out the appropriate age and find more details, as well as any additional things you can order with it. I just gave Amazon links asa a starter and you can Google from there or look in your local stores. 

Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad for $29.74 on sale at Amazon. A huge hit with kids, This truck belongs to the Big Boots team who's mission is to capture the vicious T-Rex (included). Catch the dinosaur by launching, catapulting and grabbing the Big Boots figures. Since Big Boots figures always land on their feet, they are ready to spring into action as soon as they hit the ground. Trap the T-Rex and “lock” him in the dino cage. The Ambusher comes with one T-Rex figure and four Big Boots figures and can accommodate dozens more! Watch a little video on this one HERE.

Got a Bieber Fan? Animated stuffed Beaver sings Baby by Justin Beiber... on sale for $28 on Amazon.  Parents reviews say it sings very clearly and mouth even moves in synchronization! Only a few left in stock as of today so hurry or Google other toy stores if you want this!

Live where it's warm? How about this Soak n' Splash Water Limbo Sprinkler ONLY $8.95 on Amazon. Compatible with any standard hose,great for ages 4 and up. Just press the button to hear the Limbo song as the kids pass under the stream of water. After the kids pass underneath they adjust the height of the stream to make the game more challenging. If anyone touches the water, they are eliminated until the game starts again. Fun and great exercise for the kids.
Got an aspiring lil' golfer? On sale on Amazon for $17.99.  Each set comes with a bright colored golf club and a Sky Ball Golf Ball. When the golf club hits the Sky Ball - watch out….this ball will go flying... apparently 300 feet!

Or how about this  Grow-to-Pro golf set by Fischer Price? On sale for $26.52 on Amazon. Perfect for any Tiger Woods in training. Set includes a snap-together golf bag, driver, putter, tee, and five golf balls--all in sturdy, easy-to-clean plastic. When your little putter (and the future Masters champion) pushes down the lever on the bottom of the bag with the end of the club, one golf ball rolls into position on the tee. Next stop--peewee tour! Adult assembly required; no special tools or batteries needed.

I'm not big on guns but since I aim to please (pun intended) Nerf seems to be the softest way to deliver on this kind of toy. How about this: the Vortex Praxis on sale for $15.19 on Amazon.  It's all about distance... Pump-action power and a removable 10-disc clip make it a long-range blaster. You can modify your blaster with the removable shoulder stock and add accessories with the Tactical Rail System (Tactical Rail accessories sold separately) for maximum mobility or enhanced fire control. Comes with a removable stock, 10-disc magazine, 10 discs, and instructions.

Also by Nerf, the N-strike Elite Hail-fire Blaster on sale on Amazon for $25.  It's the highest capacity NERF blaster ever. The N-STRIKE ELITE HAIL-FIRE tops out at an astounding 144-dart capacity (with the purchase of additional clips and darts). It holds up to 8 clips, and delivers a semi-auto barrage of darts as fast as you can pull the trigger. When you've got the HAIL-FIRE, you've got the ultimate in high-capacity blasting!

Disney Doc Mc Stuffins Interactive Talking Doll available from a variety of sellers in the $64.00 range.

Doc McStuffins is an American animated television series produced by Brown Bag Films, which premiered on March 23, 2012 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. The series is about a six-year-old girl, Dottie "Doc" McStuffins, who can "fix" toys, with a little help from her stuffed animal friends, Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly. During ending credits, Doc gives advice to viewers about staying healthy.

Use the Doc McStuffins magical check up tools to make Lambie talk! Check Lambie's heart, ears and temperature. Doc also talks and sings the "time for Your Check-Up" song. 

iPieces Air Hockey Game by Pressman Toys on sale for $9.55 on Amazon. Includes: 2 iPieces strikers (magic plastic), download instruction sheet, free download exclusively designed for iPieces (available on the App store)… The classic air hockey game on screen but this allows you to use real paddles to swat the pick away. Warning - you parents may get hooked too.

The Crayola Marker Airbrush set gives kids a whole new way to use markers: by spraying them! The spray nozzle delivers ink through pressure, giving young artists a fun way to express their creativity. Kids can move the nozzle closer to the paper for a darker, more defined line, or pull it back to create a fuzzier look. On sale for $33.99 on Amazon.

Monopoly zAPPed: Experience Monopoly mayhem with this iPAD edition.Get the app free from the APP Store and play your iPAD and gameboard together. Use the app to buy and auction property, and transfer Monopoly dollars to your iPad with touch-banking cards. Are you raking in the cash? Own the most assets when a player goes bankrupt, and you win. Game Board comes with Rubber Pads, 6 tokens, 28 Property cards, 32 green houses, 12 red hotels, 2 dice, 4 Monopoly Touch-banking cards and instructions. On sale for $27.23 on Amazon.