Monday, July 25, 2016

Birth Order Tee Shirts

BINGO!  The truth can be funny... Do you recognize yourself?

Bring a little Tee Hee into your T-shirt collection with these from B Tee For about $21!




Sunday, July 24, 2016

Socks that Say Something!

Ohhhh these socks are fun!

My fabulous niece saw them on someone (looks like a guy) probably somewhere sampling guacamole or enjoying libations and her eagle eye spotted them. Her iPhone snapped a pic and she posted it on Facebook - and I made quick work of finding them to put here so YOU can have them in one little click.

Photo by Ashley Merriman

Run don't walk to grab one or one for every day of the week!  They are $9.99 at, $9.75 at the and $9.95 at

Not for everyone, but definitely for a serious slice of the population - and you know who you are.

Photo found at

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Unique Shoes ON SALE for 40% OFF

I'm always on the lookout for something different and great to offer to you all who are so good as to come here for gift ideas (for yourself as well!)... And here is one of them. Take a look at these shoes!

Made by SCOFY, they are great as slippers and street wear alike. I know about 10 people who would love them. Are you one?  They come in full sizes 5-11...

One of the best things is the price. Right now they are 40% off - which brings it to about $21. CLICK HERE for details!!