Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nanny Caddy Rocks!

At the Houston Zoo, right next to the gift shop, there is a vending machine with a turquoise logo that says Nanny Caddy. This is a brilliant idea and I wish I'd have thought of it and was on my way to becoming the next millionaire.

Alas, I can only tell you about it in case you're a mom, dad, auntie or uncle, grandparent, babysitter or nanny and might be in need. These vending machines supply not sugary, nutritionally challenged treats, or cigarettes or other such products. They have those lifesaving things that you can't find in any gift shop or store when you're out and about and realize you forgot diapers! Ak! Or need a nursing wrap QUICK! Or ran out of baby wipes or Purell. They stock a plethora of essentials like diaper cream, wet ones, pull ups, pacifiers, and sunblock too. And if you need any of these things, you'll probably need Tylenol. They carry that for the grown ups, bless them!

In my opinion, they don't have ENOUGH locations for these fabulous vending machines yet, but they do have several and I'm sure they're adding more all the time. Click this link to see if there's one near you or someone you know would be really glad that you e-mailed them this blog post to tell them about it:

And heck, if you work somewhere like a Zoo, museum, shopping mall, food court, why not turn your employer on to them and get gold stars?

Just passing the good stuff when I see it.