Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Perfect Shoes For Teacher or Student… Or Any Shoe Collector!

Well, a thank you goes to my most-cool niece, a school teacher with a sense of humor as much as style. She said she had to have these. And they were just too good not to write up.

A Jeffrey Cambell creation, in half sizes from 5-11.

You can CLICK HERE to find them for $108. You should click it just to read the pun-filled description of the item.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Knight Hoodies are da BOMB!

OK, this is just what's so fabulous about having a gift blog. I have so much fun finding the most unique stuff -- and passing along to you!  There is someone out there for whom this is JUST right, and you can buy it now and keep if for that birthday, graduation, going away party, or the holidays….

Made by -- no surprise -- iamknight on Etsy. Check it out HERE

There are a variety of styles and colors, including leopard and camp, and they run in the $200+ range. They look so well made, and the fabric has to be solid to hold the shape so nothing cheap or flimsy. As structured as the construction looks in the pictures not on bodies, they look surprisingly normal in real life, and practical, as seen below.

Thank you Phyllis Craine for discovering these!

And if this were not enough, there is a second maker. Now, to my stylists eye, these are made of softer fabrics, and simpler craftsmanship, different fabric, etc… They also reflect a bit lower price point. 

I offer this only to give you some choice, though of the two I like the first the best. But if this more sweatery kind is better for the climate you live in, or the age or preferences of the recipient.. why not know about both?

CLICK HERE  to visit SOFworks, also on Etsy.