Saturday, June 21, 2014

Oscar H. Will & Co. Mugs

Something struck me about these mugs when I saw them. They have really great color - not too shiny, not completely matte finish. The graphic is really appealing, like those fabulous pencil drawings in Cooks Illustrated. These would make a great gift - to yourself, to your favorite gardener or foodie, to not just coffee lovers, but iced or hot tea lovers as well… and for the stylish, you can use them as really unique decor, holding anything from pens to paintbrushes to Q-tips. They're that handsome.

An all-round and year-round pleaser for any age or gender, these would be good to get and keep for whatever occasion comes up - a birthday or holiday, yes, but also a hostess gift, a housewarming, a just because gift,  door prize for an event, at his and her wedding showers, etc etc. These would be great to add if you're a gift basket builder. And they are the perfect gift for someone at the office. It's giving something simple, but with real quality, that they are unlikely to find anywhere else.

They come in red (tomato) green (peas) and purple (petunia) and then a brown version of each. (more masculine). Currently they are available in three styles determined by the veggie.  Lids are sold separately and available in all four colors. Last I checked they were working on a yellow one for corn as well. These stoneware mugs are hand thrown on a potter's wheel in St. Paul, MN by Deneen Pottery. While each piece is almost identical, each one is individually created so no two are exactly alike.

CLICK HERE  to buy these solid, beautiful pieces for $20 each (lids sold separately for $7 each) from the Ft. Mandan store in North Daktoa, where the also have many fine books you may not find otherwise.

GMO-free Sunscreen

Raw Elements sunscreen is GMO free chemical free, all natural and reef safe  -- good for you and the environment. If it happens to get in your eyes there is no irritation or sting. it can be applied to wet or dry skin and is organic.  Something you might want to check out now that summer is upon us. You can buy right from their own website - - or Google it. It may be found at many Walmarts, Nutritionworld, Lucky Vitamins, etc..  CLICK HERE for a store locater from the website to find a place near you.

Happy Summer Solstice Shopping!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boots that Replace a Purse!

Elizabeth Ann shoes has come up with a nice solution on those outings where you don't want to lug a purse and a butt pack just ruins the look!

These boots have an inner compartment that stores a few $20's or  your credit card, your drivers license and your phone, even your passport. Perfect for horse or motorcycle riding too. And best of all, they come in THREE different calf widths! 

CLICK HERE for more info on each style and to order!