Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fabulous! Travel Guitars (Acoustic)

They are not cheap, but not unafforable - here are two travel guitars.  So unique and possibly perfect for you or someone in your life!

First there's the Vagabond travel guitar, touted as being the original. TIP: They make one for lefties too!

'Other compact guitars are either shrunken versions of standard guitars, too bulky for full travel convenience, or too small to develop any sound at all. The Vagabond is a work of functional art in every respect, renowned for fine fretwork and precise intonation, great sound, and still very stowable. The Vagabond sounds as great as it looks. Beautifully handcrafted of the highest quality materials, the Vagabond was designed by musician and luthier Kevin Smith.'

Click the name to hyperlink to their website for more information. Made in NY. $399

The other, recently purchased by a friend of mine, is by the famous maker Martin, and it's called the Martin Backpacker, It can be found at American Musical Supply for about $165 and on Amazon for $199.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best Gardening Hat Evah

It's called the Adventure Hat, so you can apparently wear it for more than gardening! 

Great coverage as you can see, practically weightless. Can adjust for adult head sizes and some kids.

UPF 50+ and comes in 15 colors!

$36.00 from Sunday Afternoons... That's the link for women's, and HERE is the link for men's and a similar one for kids. What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Star Wars Light Saber Umbrells

It was only a matter of time, right? I would love to see one with the stem lit from within by LED lights but whatev. These handles are anodized ( a little sparkly) and are in different colors. Would like to see the sound effect coming from some part, someday...  Until then...

Here's a close up of the handles. Saber choices:

Anakin - blue shaft - Jedi insignia
Darth Vader - red shaft - Imperial insignia
Obi-Wan - blue shaft - Jedi insignia.

They are $39.99 and you can order them through

Monday, April 16, 2012

For Campers and Treehouse Fans

And there are few who are not at least fans of tree houses... It's called Tentsile.


Here's a little of what THIS WEBSITE says about it - it gives you the ability to camp in some interesting locales. To get it set up, string its three anchor points from trees and viola -- you'll be up above the ground, away from crawly insects, snakes, and even bears. The suspended three-person tent could also keep you safe in flash flood areas or other spots prone to natural disasters.

 can put in an order by clicking the brown tab at the top right of their website page. No idea what it costs. It's probably not cheap but if this is so unusual and probably is just right for some of you out there so I had to post it. 

Let me know anything and everything in the comments if you end up contacting them.