Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Squirrel Head Squirrel Feeder....

If you're a nut about Squirrels, like me... or have a squirrel lover on your list, try this hilarious squirrel head feeder which astoundingly seems to work? The ad jokes that this will humiliate the squirrel, and while I am no endorsing making fun of the little ANGELS, I DO have a sense of humor. $15 from Archie

Friday, October 26, 2012

For Fans of the Velvet Underground

On Tuesday, October 30, the Velvet Underground's first album, The Velvet Underground and Nico, will be re-released as a re-mastered 2 CD set.
While their sales back in the day were unremarkable, these Warhol darlings were the original indie, glam-grunge-punk band that heavily influenced all the great musical artist of the 60 and 70's and beyond. Their often foreboding songs told stories and are well worth appreciating in the now.

You can read all about it in this Wall Street Journal article and hear one of the songs sampled at the bottom of the article.

So look in your local stores, or more likely you may need to order online (Amazon, Barnes and Noble). Since it's a box set, I wouldn't recommend you just download it from iTunes or the like, assuming they offer it, but certainly that's a great way to sample a few songs.

Make the holidays - or b-day, or Happy Tuesday gift - for the Hip-Before-Their- Time rocker in your life.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hallmark Special Limited Time Offers

If you are a Hallmark card member you may have gotten these via e-mail. It's the last weekend of their BUY ONE GET ONE FREE card and gift wrap event. CLICK HERE  for a second tier of cute Hallmark toys, books, snow globes, gift boxes etc...  

They don't have an online store but there is sure to be one near you... just let your fingers do the walking to find out where, by clicking the blue "find a location" button on the link I gave above.

It's about to begin! Get the jump on some of these deals.

Book for Science Fiction Lovers, Futurists,

Cloud Atlas, which is coming out as a movie on October 26, 2012, is a great read. It's hard to find great new books for the Sci Fi lover in your house... but this is a premium choice. Written by David Mitchell, this novel is playful, complex puzzling, mind bending and has fascinating characters that you follow from different eras through the book. Click on the links below and read what both have to say in detail about it.  They describe it better than I can this morning...

Here it is on Amazon for $13.01 and at Barnes and Noble for $12.99. Available for both Kindle and Nook for 11.99.

TIP: You can join B&N's discount program for $25 a year - you get 10% off on everything and it pays for itself in no time. There are extra coupons and discounts in their weekly e-mails. Through both Amazon and Barnes you can click a link to find all your books, CD's and DVD's used or new at independent sellers = I find this is a great savings even if you pay $2-3 extra for shipping. You can also keep these suggestions on a list and wait until it's closer to the holidays (if that is when they offer seasonal specials and discounts Amazon has Super Saver items where you can get them shipped for free, and gather points to use on future purchases as you go. Make sure to look into these programs and take advantage of what suits you - why not?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Like Hello Kitty?

Well now it's a Chia pet... oh yes....

No explanation needed. Perfect for someone, I'm sure... lol

Order at Sanrio and find it for $17.99 or at Sears for $19.99

Monday, October 22, 2012

Animal Lovers Cup

Earlier this year I was browsing the Museum of Modern Art and saw this mug, which I now have filled with my coffee this morning:

I love all things squirrel, but they have other animals, like foxes, bunnies, bears and owls. Some mugs come with tails for the handle, like mine, some without. It's a unique and clever gift to get for the animal lover in your life (or in you). I think it was under $20.

The imm living website for these and other cool items does not give you a direct way to buy them, but there are lists of stores in the US and other countries to choose from where they do offer their goods.

Here is a list of online stores to order from, many of which are Art Museums, and may be in your nearby city... you can let your fingers do the walking and call to see if they have what you want, and ask them to hold it or even buy it over the phone so you can go pick it up if you prefer.

In fact, Click Here to find some are on Uncommon Goods.

Now you can also get a plethora of hidden animal cups from Spademan Pottery on Etsy. They have everything - cats, dogs, frogs, horses, rhinos, sharks, lady bugs and dinosaurs. There's even a sea horse and a pig with wings. And a little green Alien -- Truly something for everyone! There are seven pages of to chose from...

But nothing says I am the Walrus ($26) like an empty cup o' Chai Tea... 

and I could not pass up showing you this charming little giraffe ($31). 

Spread a little cheer this year with these affordable items that you won't find in any store.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Secret Recordings of JFK from the White House

A new book that comes with 75 minutes of audio is going to be a great gift for the history buffs and politicos in your life, or anyone fascinated with the Kennedys, which is just about everyone. Pretty much a definite yes for hard-to-buy-for Dads or Grandpas.

It's called Listening In - Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy. There is a hard cover book and two 75 minute remastered CD's

Here is their description:

In July 1962, in an effort to preserve an accurate record of Presidential decision-making in a highly charged atmosphere of conflicting viewpoints, strategies and tactics, John F. Kennedy installed hidden recording systems in the Oval Office and in the Cabinet Room. The result is a priceless historical archive comprising some 265 hours of taped material. JFK was elected president when Civil Rights tensions were near the boiling point, and Americans feared a nuclear war. Confronted with complex dilemmas necessitating swift and unprecedented action, President Kennedy engaged in intense discussion and debate with his cabinet members and other advisors.
Now, in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of the Kennedy presidency, the John F. Kennedy Library and historian Ted Widmer have carefully selected the most compelling and important of these remarkable recordings for release, fully restored and re-mastered onto two 75-minute CDs for the first time. Listening In represents a uniquely unscripted, insider account of a president and his cabinet grappling with the day-to-day business of the White House and guiding the nation through a hazardous era of uncertainty.
Accompanied by extensively annotated transcripts of the recordings, and with a foreword by Caroline Kennedy, Listening In delivers the story behind the story in the unguarded words and voices of the decision-makers themselves. Listening In covers watershed events, including the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Space Race, Vietnam, and the arms race, and offers fascinating glimpses into the intellectual methodology of a circumspect president and his brilliant, eclectic brain trust.
Just as the unique vision of President John F. Kennedy continues to resonate half a century after his stirring speeches and bold policy decisions, the documentary candor of Listening In imparts a vivid, breathtaking immediacy that will significantly expand our understanding of his time in office.

This goes for $25.56 on sale at Amazon and about the same on Barnes and Noble -- or you can get the Kindle version of the book along with audio for $9.99 and the nook for $24.00 (all prices are for the time of this blog publication).

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fan of the hit TV show RESCUE ME?

Well the whole thing is out in a beautiful boxed set just perfect for giving - makes a great man gift, though I know a heck of a lot of women who enjoy the eye candy of all those men -- oh yes, and the story lines... right? It got nine Emmy nominations.

You can order from any local DVD store if you don't find it there but here's the link to it on AMAZON on sale for $59. down from $95... That's pretty affordable for 7 seasons.