Thursday, June 11, 2015

Father's Day Gifts from J Hilburn

Below is a sample of the best of my own ready to wear website for Father's Day  -- or any day for the guy in your life - father, son, granddad, nephew, the graduate, birthday boy, etc...  I am putting up things of all price ranges here so keep scrolling all through to the end to see them all.

J Hilburn, which is one of my favorite companies for menswear because of their extremely high quality for 1/3-1/2 the price of black label designer clothing, has some great gifts that you can order today to get just in time to wrap. So act fast if you see something you like. And you can return things for free or exchange without a hitch.

CLICK HERE to see everything offered - keep in mind you need to stick to ready to wear, not the custom shirting and made to measure suits and trousers for Father's Day stuff. You can simply buy a GIFT CARD HERE that he can use for designing something custom or made to measure -- a very special experience as it comes with me as a stylist for no extra charge - or for him to buy what he wants of the ready to wear.

For a little something that just might change his life -- if your guy wears a shirt and tie often enough, these are the best. Wurkin Stiffs Magnetized collar stays. Only $20 for a pair, or $40 for three...

Linen/Cotton shorts: They are beautiful, and dressy, yet casual. So he will wear them cuz there easy and comfy, and you can enjoy looking at him in them, knowing you've bumped him up a level, her hee. $79, but $25 off the total of your first online order... Worth it - they'll last.

TIP: All the guys I know who have gotten them rave about the DEEP POCKETS (listen up ladies). Apparently you can fit the larger phones in them without them falling out, which is, I'm told, a big drag about other shorts. AND, the pockets are lined with seersucker. Every one's eyes widen the first time they slip their hands in. Feels great! 

And there's the link to all the shorts. There are 2 fits - classic which is fitted but more relaxed with a little longer hem (above the knee) and the Tailored, which is just what it says, a neater fit for the fashion guy, and a little shorter.

Get him a Polo with a little something extra than that he can wear under a sports jacket. 100% soft Egyptian cotton, so soft he'll always reach for it first!  Comes in a berry stripe and a gray. GO FOR IT!

Or these classy mercerized cotton polos which have a tailored fashion fit and rich colors in his favorite navy, black etc... or make it a great excuse get him in the light green or the lavender colors for summer! Great for date night out, work, country club, date night out! Only $69.

OOOHHHHH hoo hoo hoo Hot Item: THE REVERSIBLE VEST.   The link describes it best: Adds instant versatility that extends your everyday wardrobe. One side is Italian wool in a tonal navy nailhead for a refined look that's great with suiting. For a more casual look, reverse it to charcoal mélange cotton that effortlessly goes with everything. All trimmed with real suede. Offered in a tailored fit that is shaped at the waist for a cleaner silhouette.

I KNOW it's summer, but everyone still needs sweaters - for layering to remove when mornings or evenings are cool, for air conditioned work places, restaurants, airplanes, cruise ships... or even to tuck away for a fresh start when Fall is upon us. There is a collection of sweaters ON SALE - vee and crew necks, zip necks, button necks and even cardigans u are smart enough to shop when things are on sale. And if your guy is tall, we have up to 2XT's.  Who could not need this classic and classy black sweater, cotton and silk and cashmere, now for only $43!!! Comes in Navy, Lt. Blue, Pearl Grey, and Charcoal too.

Or go for 100% cashmere at a bargain price for this very high quality- light yet warm when needed. Here is a zip neck but they also come in vees and crews. This is a subtle plum (Purple Heather) but it also comes in Berry Heather, Indigo, Black, Charcoal Heather, Light Blue Heather, for $140, down from $200 - but there are a few solid colors - Brown orange and Purple for only $100!

And 100% cashmere vee necks are $115, in all the same colors. Classic styling with a modern fit. Not baggy, but not too tight. A plethora of colors.

The new look, even with blacks, blues and grays, is this honey brown in belts and shoes. Why not give him this BEAUTIFUL Varanus Lizard belt, which is a little different, can can be worn casually or as a dress belt?  It comes with both a silver and gold buckle for $139. 

TIP: To order the right size belt, it should be about 2" larger than his pant waist size.  If he has lost or gained weight, measure him around his body at the place where he wears his pants, and again - add 2". You can always grab his favorite belt and look on the underside just below the buckle where their should be the number embossed in the leather or on a tag. Otherwise, just grab his best jeans to find the waist size.

THIS IS SPECIAL -- You can ORDER A CUSTOM BELT online, without a stylist.  Pick leather or suede, and the stitching colors - Choose between two different buckle styles and the belt comes with that style in BOTH gold and silver so he can switch them out. SWEET! choice of buckle But you can design it for him, or give him the choices himself! This will take longer and not be there for Fathers Day most likely. just cut out a picture and wrap it with a gift card!

Here are three of my faves: 

He might just like black so get it - but the red adds the cool factor. 
Great also for leather wearing Rock and Rollers and motorcycle lovers... 
Can also go with a retro look.

Sharp and year round for those who live in CA, FLA, AZ -- the warmer climes. 
BUT! Put it with charcoal gray turtleneck and jeans or cords (and bucks) or a tweedy sport coat and you have a fabulous look for fall and winter too... 

Great with jeans, elegant with a suit and perks up navy from ho hum.

Last but not least, what's Father's Day without a tie? Even if some wear them less these days, usually what they have in the closet is horribly outdated. CLICK HERE to see all my ties. You can get something wild with new colors like this Summer Paisley if your guy is fashion forward....

Or go with a cotton tie, key for Spring-Fall, in the newest trend, a matte black denim look, which is versatile enough for the conservative to the fashionable, can be worn with grays, blues, violet and berry shirts, whether solid, stripe or check, and of course, looks great with back for you rock and rollers.

There are also a select few ties ON SALE, like this all round pleaser of navy with forest and ruby stripe one for $39

If you have ANY questions on this, just write me in the comments and let me know. Or contact me at Rochelle.Joseph@jhilburnpartner. com!

Whatever you do for Father's Day, the best gift is a call from the kids or a hand written card or note telling him specifically what they love about him, or what he's done that they are grateful for... not to mention great big hugs and smooches!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Dollar Shave Club

Fathers Day is in 11 days! Some men are into their grooming, and have all the latest gadgets to mans cape their facial hair. But unless the man in your life is all about that, most just need a decent razor.  And even the gadget-guy needs something easy to travel with, or have in a pinch.  This may be just the thing.

The Dollar Shave Club offers a choice of three different blades, which come by 5's or 4's depending on how many blades they have, and are delivered to his door every month, for as little as $1 a month and as high as $9.  There are no extra fees, no commitment or cancellation issues. He can change plans at any time and even alter the frequency of delivery. And they offer all kinds of their own shaving products that you can add to the first gift delivery if you want to round out the gift.

CLICK HERE to go right to their GIFT page.

Check out more gifts under my FOR HIM category. 

Since I've been doing this for years, I update the links as often as I can, but if you happen upon one that's old, just google and 99% of the time you can find the new, active one.