Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Give a Gardening Book!

Tis the season -- and it makes a very nice for Mother's Day.   

All the President's Gardens - Hardcover just $21 on Amazon - and get their quick delivery if you want this for Mother's Day. “A history-rich and very readable account of how our presidents and their families have left their imprint on the 18 acres surrounding the executive mansion.” --Traditional Home  

NOTE: While I link you to Amazon for your ease of ordering, I heartily encourage you to instead drive to your local bookstore - preferably a mom and pop - and order or buy it there. We don't want those wonderful places to disappear! 

Considered to be the best Gardening book of all time, here is the updated, modernized Second Edition: All New Square Foot Gardening. From the Mel Bartholomew, the master himself, a revised version from his first book where he developed his techniques to maximize small garden yields back in the '80's. There is renewed interest, especially in raised bed gardens and vertical gardening. Even talks about making gardening fun for kids.

The Garden Primer... Highly Praised and considered the most comprehensive, yet easily read and digested book on gardening from A-Z.  This is a bible you can read cover to cover on everything gardening from flowers to veggies -- and this new version goes all Organic. A full on classic for any and all questions and needs - great for novices and experienced gardeners alike.

Eliot Coleman of Four Season Farms wrote another classic the Four Season Harvest, Second Edition, which shows how you can grow fresh veggies all year long.  The First edition can be out of print, tragically, but able to be found used on many websites. Here's Barnes and Noble...

The New Southern Living Garden Book: From the Editors of Southern Living Magazine. Considered THE definitive book on gardening by those in the South, but gardening lovers will benefit and appreciate having this. It's gotten a whole facelift and there is a GREAT Q & A section.

Mike McGrath's Book of Compost.  Mike has written several books, all excellent, and has a radio show. He even did a Ted Talk on composting, found HERE.

And for those into flowers: English Cottage Gardening, A book filled with sage advice and sumptuous, inspiring photos. English Gardens are known to be planned to bloom all season long - as soon as one flower dies off the next round are blooming. I bought a house where someone worked to do this and it's amazing. Things all come up yellow to start, then move into deep purples, then multi colored, and finally, August and September blooms!

Also -- READ this great New York Times article packed with suggestions for great gardening books.

For Your Book Lover!

Perfect for Breakfast in Bed.... this idea just in time for Mother's Day!  Dishes shaped like open books in high quality dishwasher and microwave save white from Gone Reading.com!

Even if you just buy the teacup and saucer - -- though I would add at least a small plate to go with it for cookies, or a sandwich...

TIP: Scroll down to check out the bottom few rows - There is a list of "irregulars on sale in the there. 

Thanks to Phyllis Craine for the suggestion. It's really special!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mothers Day Bling by Lizzy James

With Alex and Ani bracelets essentially bringing the charm bracelet back into vogue, here's a company that makes something a little different: Lizzy James.  There are some designs you can wear as a either bracelet or a necklace. Perfect! All handmade in the USA.

TIP: RIGHT NOW: Get 25% off with the code: CLASSIC. Act fast on that!

I like the cotton cord colors - steel blue, greens, red, peony, mustard (there are 61 hues to choose from!), and the more natural strands rather than metal chains... so if you have someone on your list who likes a bit more natural look, especially in the warm summer months, this might be your solution. 

You can get your choice of 22K gold plate, sterling silver, stainless steel, at prices ranging from under $60 to over $200. 

Here's a gold and silver example - a classic 4 strand for $89.95:

The charms say different things, and some have no charms at all. This poppy pink colored one with a hope charm for $59.95. Browse all charms HERE. 

If you want more metal though, the do make these versions as well.

Click on the link and have fun perusing the site to design just the right thing for someone special in your life. And don't forget to use the code CLASSIC for a 25% discount as of this publishing!